5 Blunders That Unprofessional Logo Designers


Following are some of the most common errors that most of the non-professional or entry-level logo designers makes.

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  1. Does Not Verify If the Design Already Exist

One of the biggest mistakes that unprofessional logo designers are providing services performs is not making sure that the logo that they are designing already exists or not. There is an extremely easy way of looking out for the similar logo designs, but apparently, the entry-level logo designers might not be aware of it. The use of the Google image search is really helpful in collecting the facts that the logo that a designer is planning to create is not used by any other company or anyone else has not created it before, or anything similar to that logo already subsists.

  1. Add Too Many Ornamentations In a Logo Design

Another rookie mistake that a non-professional logo designer providing logo designing services commits is that they overload the logo design with too many embellishments that make the logo design to look way too complicated and effects in making the audience confused. The beauty of a simple design is that they attract the audience to gaining knowledge about the brand. It is common human psychology that we avoid complications if we see anything that seems difficult to understand we ultimately divert our attention to something else, something that is less challenging to comprehend. It is a better alternative to keep the logo design simple and elegant rather than overcrowding it with a bag full of adornments.
5 Blunders That Unprofessional Logo Designers

  1. Does Not Discuss the Layout With Clients

It is imperative to discuss all the options and to work of the logo designs with the clients initially before working on the professional tool, as it will help the logo designers to make alterations on the initial stage if the clients demand to for any modifications. Once the digital image of the logo design is completed, it will be too difficult to add or reduce anything from that design, which sometimes leads the designers to design an entirely new logo from scratch. Every professional logo designer providing professional logo designing services UAE, first communicate the plans with the clients by showing them the hand-made sketches of the logo and take their opinions. Keeping the clients in the loop is essential, which most of the beginner logo designers ignores to do.

  1. Using Many Font Styles In One Logo Design

Incorrect consumption of the fonts does not always mean that the font’s size is too big or small, or the font’s style is inappropriate according to the industry. The violation of the privilege of selecting fonts yourself could also be the one where a logo designer use more than one font styles in a single logo design. The requirement of the logo designs varies from industry to industry and people to people. At some places, it might look fine to use two different font styles that complement each other and as well as the logo, but in other places, it is preferable to use only one font style to keep the logo design look classy and elegant. The biggest mistakes that an unprofessional logo designer makes is that they used so many different logo styles in the design and believed that it would look classy whereas it ended up looking nothing but giddy logo design.

  1. Applying Multiple Color Tones In a Logo Design

The common mistake that logo designers do is that they use more than two color tones in one logo design. The standard of a good logo design is that it only has one or maximum two color tones in a logo, to make it look classy. Every professional logo designer is aware of the fact so that even when any client requests to put in multiple colors in the logo design, they refuse to do it. They explain the entire color psychology to them so that will get convinced and understand why is it not a wise decision to include so many colors in a logo design. Whereas, the beginner logo designers are not that good with the knowledge about the color theories and do whatever the clients want them to do that leads the logo to be a failure.

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