Easy way to verify your Google AdSense PIN using International Passport

It's a great feeling when you receive that email from Google AdSense congratulating you on your blog/website been fully approved by Google AdSense team.

Like me, I applied for Google AdSense for my blog, and up to 6 months I was waiting for my blog to be fully approved then on Jan 8, 2018.

How to verify Google AdSense with international passport

I got that all amazing message from AdSense saying Congratulations your account has been fully approved.

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

I was very happy that day and the days that followed.

It's such a great feeling to know that your blog site will be showing ADs from the mighty AdSense.

But another issue chipped in, the issue of verifying my address.

AdSense will send you a mail, the mail contains PIN numbers that you will use to verify your address.

But this email hardly gets delivered to some areas of a country.

I checked and checked, waited and waited for my mail so I can verify my address but I did not receive it.

I request for verification mail for more than 5 occasions but still no mail coming forth.

But one day I got a message that arose all the shock senses in me.

Your ads will stop showing in 7 days if you do not verify your AdSense address.

Then I knew something have to be done and done fast to avoid the story that touches the heart.

What I did first was to send a feedback message to AdSense that I have applied for pin verification code for more than 5 occasions but I did not receive my pin.

So after a few days, I got a reply message that my code verification will be extended to three months and I was very much happy again.

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

With this new message, I had to look for other ways to verify the AdSense code before the three months grace runs out.

And upon my research, I got the information that AdSense pin verification can be done with.

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Voter Card
  3. Driving License
  4. International Passport etc.

But you can only use this method when you have applied for a pin three times.

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

When your blog site is approved to show AdSense ad, you have to wait for your earning to reach the minimum threshold which is $10 as stipulated in AdSense policy.

A PIN verification code will be sent to your address through the post services before you can be able to receive your first payment.

The pin when sent reaches you within the duration of 4 weeks but (sometimes it stays longer than 4 weeks).

Depending on your address location and post service.

Sometimes many people don't receive the pin do to slow delivery speed of some post services.

If you have requested for a pin and you did not receive it then you have to request for a new pin to be sent.

But before you request for a new pin make sure you review your address and make correction where necessary.

How to request a new address verification PIN:

Login your AdSense dashboard

Open navigation panel
Click on ‘Settings’ >> open Account Information.

At the account information page click on ‘Resend PIN’.

Or from your AdSense dashboard click on verify pin.

How I verified my Google AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

Click on resend.

How I verified my Google AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

AdSense will mail you a new verification pin.

If you have requested for a pin for more than three occasions and did not receive the pin.

Follow below steps to verify your AdSense account using your international passport, driving license or any other Id card.

Step 1: First scan your international passport, driving license, voters card etc on a computer or phone.

Step 2: Convert the verification material (image) to a PDF format because using an ordinary image won't work.

AdSense verification process can only be done when the image is in pdf form.

Use this image to pdf conversion tool to convert your scanned image to pdf.

Step 3: Login your AdSense dashboard
>>> Click on notification option Action

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

>>> Open the notification to verify your address. Click on More.

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.

Upload your passport and fill other pieces of information like you Adsense publisher Id name etc click submit.

How I verified my AdSense PIN with my International Passport.
Now within 3 working days, you will receive a mail from AdSense team they will mention that you no longer need a PIN to verify your address, it means your account has been verified with your id proof.

Done enjoy.

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