How To Transfer Money From Your First Bank Account to Another, Check Your Bank Account Balance, Do Top Up Etc Using Phone USSD Codes.

Today I want to write an article on how to check your First bank account balance, transfer money from your First account to another etc using USSD codes.

First Bank Nigeria PLC is the oldest Nigeria bank we have which have lasted for 134 years, established in the year 1884.

And since then it has been providing fundamentals of corporate governance, strong liquidity,  leadership, optimized risk management, wonderful, flexible and trustworthy services to their customers both Locally and internationally.

First Bank runs one of the safest and fastest Mobile banking transfer platform in Nigeria.

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With the code that I will give you below this post, you can use it to perform a lot of online mobile services like account registration, money transfer, transactions, check account balance, buy credit for your mobile line etc using this code " *894# ".

How To Transfer Money From Your First Bank Account, Check Your First Bank Account Balance, Etc Using Phone USSD Codes.

How to register for First Bank Mobile Transfer

To Start using First Bank Mobile Money Transfer on your phone.

First, you must have opened an account with First Bank.

Second, you have a registered phone number with which you'll use to be making transactions (this the number you use when opening the account with First Bank).

If you have the two above options then follow below procedures.

How To register your First Bank Account.

>> dial " *894*0# " on your phone.

Your (ATM) debit card number code will be displayed with some numbers disguised.

Chose the main debit card you want to use for your transactions that's if you have more than one debit card.

>> Enter your 4 - Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your preferred ATM card.

>> Create a 5 - digit PIN, this the PIN numbers you'll be using to confirm or complete your transactions.

Now your phone number is activated for First Bank Quick USSD Banking Service.

How to activate your First bank Mobile Money Transfer if you don't have an ATM card.

The tips I gave above is used when you have ATM card for your account, but what if you don't use ATM card but you need to activate your online First Bank Mobile transfer?

To do that follow the below steps.

>> dial " *894*0# ".

>> Provide your First Bank 10-digit account number.

>> Create your new 5-digit (PIN) Personal Identification Number.

Now your phone number is activated for First Bank Quick USSD Banking Service.

How to check your account balance.

To check your account balance after activating your account.

>> dial " *894*00# ".

And within some seconds you will receive an SMS notification that will show details of your account balance.

How to recharge your phone number or top up credit using First Bank app.

>> dial " *894*Credit Amount# " (for instance if you want to recharge N 500 Airtime, simply dial " *894*500# ").

Your bank accounts from which you want to recharge your phone number from will be displayed.

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Depending on the number of bank account you have with First Bank.

Chose the account you want to recharge your phone number from.

Click send and You're done.

The maximum top up or line credit recharge you can do is N10,000 per day and transaction from N3,000 and above requires entering your 5-digit Personal Identification Number.

How to transfer money from First Bank to another account?

>> Simply dial the First Bank USSD transfer code: " *894*amount*account number# " (for instances: " *894*10,000*0987654321# " to send N 10,000 to account number "0987654321").

>> Choose the bank account you're transferring money to.
>> Confirm beneficiary’s name, amount, and enter your 5-digit PIN.

>> Chose the account you want to transfer money from.

>> Click sends your transaction is processed and finished.

There's no limit to minimum transaction amount you transfer but the maximum daily limit transaction amount is N100,000.

All mobile money transfer transactions require your 5-digit PIN.

The First Bank mobile USSD money transfer services are available only on MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, and AIRTEL lines.

Now you can easily transfer money from your First Bank account to other banks, recharge your phone numbers, check your bank account balance etc using your mobile device.

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