High Risky and Important Pieces of information you should not share on Facebook

Facebook is a very good Social Media Platform where we share, relate, discuss, issues in a brood and vast way.

it's a good platform to Join which we make you to also connect with your friends and Family and the whole World alike.

but it's necessary not to input some Personal data or pieces of information that are of high value that maybe be detrimental or harm or even lead to death on you stay on Facebook.

Important Informations you should not share on Facebook

Important Informations you should not share on Facebook

it's important to join Facebook but also very much important to play safe and know how much of your Personal Pieces of information that you give out or share to the public.

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Hackers and other lawbreakers may use the information you share on facebook against you and bring down your image or even steal your money from it or do other abolishing things.  

One Adage says it's better to apply safety precautions because you may not be alive to tell the story.

Had l know comes at last but l know if you Follow this rules it will be very hard for anybody to get you as a victim no matter his reasons for looking up for you.

These pieces of information may range from pictures,  relationships status,  Age, date of birth etc.

This data looks ordinary but in real terms and condition, it's enough good information that somebody can use to track you down or to hack into your accounts unnecessarily.

    This informations are listed down below

1. Photographs of your children:

Uploading pictures of your children on Facebook is cute and you will get many likes and comments on how adorable and good your kids are but putting up such photographs of your young ones could expose them to pedophiles.

Because when someone is looking for you and is unable to get you and he or she succeeds in getting any of your kids in real fact his or her mission has been accomplished.

But unknown to you, you gave him the data from which you were caught.  

Also, what type of information or pictures would your children want to see about themselves online at a later date?

2. Phone number:

Your privacy is important, so unless you have a phone number for business purposes.

Putting up your personal phone number online could lead to unnecessary phone calls, stalking or even being exposed to scammers.

3. Birthday:

Your birthday is one-way people can access your bank account and personal details, once they link it with your name and address.

For example, when you want to change your online banking password and you put an email across to the bank you are banking with,  they usually ask you of your address, phone number...

and if you are not lucky enough this could lead to you losing your money.

4. Location:

There are location services on Android or iPhones, which means that many people know where you live including those that may wish to harm you.

Please turn off your location. To turn off this location go to your Android Phone click on the menu and screw down to Security and Account Management, then click on Location and Turn it Off.

This is very important also since Google is upgrading their services to finding users all over the World.

5. Too many friends: 

Having too many Friends on Facebook really sounds good because it gives you a sense of popularity but those it worth it?

Having 5,000+ friends, when in reality, you only know about 100 is exposing yourself to a lot of unwanted information and interaction.

It's very good You should definitely prune and mellow your friend list to a few and concentrate number.

6. Where your child/young family member goes to school:

it doesn't worth it disclosing your children's school on Facebook it's your duty to protect them and one way of doing that is not to expose there School location to the world through Facebook.

7. Your boss info:

We have heard of people losing their jobs because of Facebook posts.

While you should be careful of what you post, maybe you should remove your boss, to avoid unnecessary hassle.

And sometimes when chatting you may not be confidential as when interacting with him on real life and this may cause you,  your job.

8. Relationship status:

Sometimes we are tempted to showcase our relationship status online but it has its own bitter and abolishing side effects.

Your relationships are better kept private.

It may not work out, l have seen many people updating to being in an open relationship and the consequent change from

"in a relationship" to "single" will make you feel worse than you already do.

And showing your relationship status may chase away potential lovers.

9. When you are going on holiday:

It's good to show off your holiday plans moving from one place to another but butting your holiday plans on Facebook is not a good idea.

Because burglars can choose that time to rob your house and this kind of dejavu will make you look very bad.

10. ATM card pictures:

Displaying your ATM card on Facebook is never and will never be a good idea because it has vital information that may be used by a fraudster to defraud you of your money.

11. Boarding pass pictures:

Taking a photo of your boarding pass is a way to show off.

But it could have serious consequences, the barcode on your boarding pass is unique to you,

and can be used to find the information you gave to the flight company.

12 Your House Address:

It's not a good idea for you to input your house address or residential address on Facebook this may give out information to anybody that's looking for you or any member of your household.

Tips on how to locate your weather are for good reasons or bad once.

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