How to make money online doing Instagram marketing

Instagram is a desktop, mobile and internet based photo sharing application/service that allows it’s users to share videos and pictures either privately or publicly to pre-approved followers or to everybody in general.

Instagram was created and launched in October 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom.

And later acquired by Facebook in 2012.

Instagram allows its registered users to upload videos and pictures to the Instagram service.

The videos and pictures uploaded can be digitally filtered to the user's desire using the filtering feature built on Instagram.

They can also add location through geotags and hashtags to their posts either images or videos,

linking the photos to other related content on Instagram featuring the same subject or all round topic.

Instagram users can also connect their Instagram account to other social media profiles.

Offering them the ability to share their contents with those other social profiles as well.

In recent years after the launching of Instagram in 2010.

Instagram rapidly become a real force in the social media World.

Gaining popularity with one Million registered users within two months of its launch, 10 Million in a year and an amazing 800 Million users as of September 2017.

As of October 2015 Instagram users have already uploaded 40 billion photos to the system.

In April 2017 Instagram direct has 375 million active users, while the Instagram functionality has 250 million active users.

In general, they have over 500 million active users per month.

These are just but a few selected reviews on how much Instagram has evolved since it’s launch in 2010.

The rapid growth and increase of the fan base and Instagram active users has made it one of the favorite social media channel for many industries or brands.

How to make money online by doing Instagram marketing

This has made this brands or industries to be spending some amounts on their social media budget for gaining more leads and customers from Instagram.

If your ready to put in your time and effort, to grow your Instagram account, to a level where it earns you serious money online.

Then this the time to leverage to your advantage the growing popularity of the Instagram channel.

Making money on Instagram is Suitable For -

People who love to take pictures and also loves using Instagram.

Skills Required -

1. Being able to take quality photographs.

2. You have to know how to edit photos professionally.

3. Being able to use tools like Befunky, Canvas etc to edit high-quality wallpapers or photos.

3. Being imaginative and creative.

How To Get Started -

To start your Instagram marketing campaign you must first have an Instagram account.

With a nice Instagram username, appealing profile picture and impressive BIO.

Sign Up Instagram sign-up if you don't have yet

Tips for running a successful Instagram marketing campaign -

1. Select your niche: it's advisable to, first of all, pick a niche in which your going to base your Instagram marketing campaign on.

You can achieve this by searching for topics that interest you the most.

For instance: if you're a fashion lover (fashionista) then you can create your Instagram Niche on Fashion, 

where you post regular photos and videos related to trending fashion, tricks, styles, tips with your audience.

2. Fill out your bio correctly: your bio is as good as you because it's what represents you and explain what your Instagram marketing campaign is all about.

Your bio is the first place where your potential followers get info about you.

So make it be appealing and able to create the first impression to your potential audience.

You can achieve this by adding 1 or 2 linear descriptions, a link to your website, emoticons for attracting the attention of people etc.

You can also use hashtags and add keywords on your bio to make it searchable and easier for the right followers to find you on Instagram.

3. Create posts for your ideal followers: before postings, photos on your  Instagram account do research and see what people like most on your chosen niche.

What type of photos appeals to people and what taglines will create most impact etc.

This line of action will help you fetch many active followers.

4. Post regularly: regularity is very essential on an Instagram marketing campaign.

To achieve this you have to be posting several photos per day this will help you grow followers faster.

The method you should follow when posting this images is one per interval without having to post all at once.

But make sure your post at least one image per day no matter how busy you may be.

5. Use only high-quality images: post only high-quality images on your Instagram account to make it a brand.

Posting low-quality images will only reduce the value of your Instagram account.

High-quality images build a long lasting visual impression into the minds of your followers,

they also help to catch the eyes of the many casual browsers who will just discover you only because your high-quality image grabbed their attention, eventually increasing your followers.

6. Use relevant hashtags (#): Hashtags is the most relevant and dominant feature of Instagram.

Hashtags, when used well, will help your posts on Instagram to reach millions of people.

You can make some research on the trending hashtags in your niche and include them in all your posts on Instagram.

For instance: in Fashion niche we have many popular hashtags like:

Fashion Hashtags are:

#fashion #style #stylish #love #TagsForLikes #me #cute #photooftheday #nails #hair #beauty #beautiful #instagood #pretty #swag #pink #girl #girls #eyes #design #model #dress #shoes #heels #styles #outfit #purse #jewelry #shopping #glam

Fashion for girls hashtags are:

#fashion #style #stylish #love #TagsForLikes #me #cute #photooftheday #nails #hair #beauty #beautiful #instagood #instafashion #pretty #girly #pink #girl #girls #eyes #model #dress #skirt #shoes #heels #styles #outfit #purse #jewelry #shopping

Fashion for guys hashtags are:

#fashion #swag #style #stylish #TagsForLikes #me #swagger #cute #photooftheday #jacket #hair #pants #shirt #instagood #handsome #cool #polo #swagg #guy #boy #boys #man #model #tshirt #shoes #sneakers #styles #jeans #fresh #dope

OOTD / Outfit Of The Day are:

#ootd #outfitoftheday #lookoftheday #TagsForLikes #TFLers #fashion #fashiongram #style #love #beautiful #currentlywearing #lookbook #wiwt #whatiwore #whatiworetoday #ootdshare #outfit #clothes #wiw #mylook #fashionista #todayimwearing #instastyle #TagsForLikesApp #instafashion #outfitpost #fashionpost #todaysoutfit #fashiondiaries etc.

Instagram allows only 30 hashtags for a post so make sure they are relevant hashtags.

6.  Engage with your followers: you can achieve this by interacting with your Instagram follower to build loyalty and trust.

Try to figure out their problems, queries, needs, and expectations then use this data to bring out more relevant contents for them.

You can like their photos, provide relevant comments, and follow them back, this way you engage them.

You can follow me on Instagram

How To Make Money On Instagram (Monetization) -

Following are the best ways to make money on Instagram:

1. Affiliate Marketing: to read more on how to make money through affiliate marketing click here.

Instagram affiliate marketing is different from blogging and video affiliate marketing.

In Instagram affiliate marketing you use images from the affiliate programs you're promoting and add links to your Instagram bios and description.

The following Affiliate marketing programs are of good reputation for making money on the Instagram affiliate program.
2. Create Sponsored Posts: if you have built high loyalty and trust between you and your followers then you can make money on Instagram by creating sponsored posts for brands or industries.

A sponsored post is made up of high-quality videos and images that are used to promote a brand or product.

You get paid for each sponsored post, the payments for sponsored posts varies depending on your popularity, engagement, influence, demography etc.

The purpose of sponsored posts is to create awareness about a brand or a product within your Instagram followers.

But in doing this make sure the brands or products you promote are relevant to your Instagram niche and followers.

And also fit your own personal image and useful to your audience.

Following are the names of companies where you can visit and register yourself as an influencer:

a. Tapinfluence

b. Influenza -

c. Takumi -


3. Sell your photos:

You can sell your Instagram photos if you take high-quality photographs and edits them professionally.

You can use this photos to earn extra cash, they are some individuals, bloggers, businesses etc who want to buy creative and new photos.

You can simply sell your Instagram photos by adding watermarks to them and list your contact details and selling price within the photo captions.

Then people who are interested will contact you and you sell the photos to them.

Following are the names of some trusted sites where you can put your Instagram photos for sale.



4. Sell your own products: you can also leverage the power of Instagram to your advantage by selling your products on Instagram and get more sales and cash.

Instagram is a great platform for selling your products as you can post your personal photos of your products which can’t be found anywhere else.

You can promote and sell your products in Instagram using many methods like creating beautiful infographics, 

asking existing customers to post the pictures of them using your product or even post pictures of the raw materials and actual product creation process.

5. Sell your Instagram account:
Finally, if you have explored all you can on Instagram and has made it big by gaining millions of followers.

You no more want adventure on Instagram, you have achieved all your aim for doing Instagram marketing and needs to find new adventure elsewhere or do something else.

Then there's good news as you can sell your Instagram account and make hefty money from it.

The price you will sell it depends on some factors like the number of your Instagram followers, their demographics, niche, engagement etc.

To sell your Instagram account here are some legit websites that can help you out they are:


Above mentioned tips are the best ways of making money on Instagram once you get a few thousand followers.

But is better to get about 10 thousand followers before you start your Instagram promotions.

I know it hard to wait but it worths it and because you needs to build loyalty, confidence, and trust in the minds of your Instagram followers.

And you can only achieve this through constant engagement and providing consistent values to them within a period of time.

Help to share with others thanks.

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