Easy Way To Get Google AdSense Approval On Your Blog or Website

Google AdSense is one of the best and biggest ways of monetizing your blog by running contextual ads on your blog or website, apart from earning money through Affiliate Marketing.

So today I will be sharing 100% working tips and tricks which will help you get approved easily when you apply for AdSense for your blog.

Blog and website owners want to run Google ads on their blogs, in fact after creating your blog and you ask a question like how can I make money through blogging, Google AdSense will be about 85% of the answer you'll get.

This to tell you how valued, important and useful running AdSense on your blog is.

But the issue these days when you apply for AdSense is that their approval strategy has become very strict, so many blogs and websites get rejected when they apply.

The rejection is based on some known factors which you may not know but will be revealed in this article.

I will write down what you should do, things you should include on your blog site etc before you apply for Google ads so that you can be approved easily.

Easy Way To Get Google AdSense Approval On Your Blog or Website

How To Get Google Adsense Approval On Your Blog Easily.

Below are the requirements you have to reach before you can apply for AdSense.

1: You must have a working Google Gmail account.

2: You must have created a website or blog before you can apply.

3: You must be 18 years and above.

4: You must have a user-friendly, responsive website, that's easy to navigate, genuine must not be a spam site.

5: Your blog age must be 30 days or above, but this rule is applicable based on the country your applying from.

If you have high-quality contents, without duplicate contents from other sites you can luckily get approved without considering your blog site age.

6: There are recommended pages which you must add to your website before you apply for AdSense they are About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer pages etc.

7: For easy approval, you should purchase a custom domain for your blog site like .com, .net, .in, .xyz, .ooo (if you want quick approved)

8: You must have posted about 20+ articles on your blog.

9: Create your own blog images don't use images from other sites to avoid copyright issues.

10: Check for errors like broken links etc and fix them.

11: Your blog must have Label on its sidebar.

12: Use a clean, responsive, SEO friendly ad blogger template.

If you reached the above-recommended AdSense approval requirements then your blog will get approval easily.

Since we have known the recommendation for easy approval let's also see while blog sites get rejected.

Below is the known common reasons blog sites get disapproval or rejected when they apply for AdSense.

√ Insufficient content

If you apply for Google AdSense with insufficient blog contents then there are chances your blog will be disapproved.

By insufficient content I mean not having enough written blog text, which is free from errors like grammatical errors, misspelling, mistakes etc.

You should use this Proofreading apps to write high-quality content free from errors and misspelling etc.

Your blog post must contain 300 words and above and should be unique, informative, easily understandable and have high-quality.

√ If you don't have the recommended pages on your blog site like about, contact, disclaimer, privacy policy etc your site won't be approved.

This page makes your blog look professional and also helps you to comply with Google policies for running their contextual ads.

√  Make your blog search engine friendly.

If your blog is not indexable and search engine friendly you will get disapproved.

To make your blog search engine friendly you need to optimize your content with Meta tags, description tag, and Meta titles.

Also, add your blog to search preference so it can be indexed and searchable by search engine spiders.

√ If you didn't add Google Analytic property.

To easily get approved by Google Adsense you should make sure you have Google Analytics property installed on your blog.

√ Unimproved Blog Design

Make sure your template is fast loading, professional looking, responsive, user-friendly, mobile-friendly have easy navigation etc.

Avoid using grid version on your template but instead, use magazine template.

√ Avoid using unwanted widgets

Unwanted widgets on sidebar or footer like disable right click, disable text select, disable copy paste etc stuffs your blog with loads of scripts and slow down its loading speed.

You can add Popular Widget, Recent Post Widget, Comment Box, Label, Facebook Like Box, Subscription Box etc.
√ Check Your Content Type or Niche.

Below are the content types or niche Google don't approve for AdSense.

  • Pornography / Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia.
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff
  • Also, use English as your preferred Language.
√ Using Another ad Networks.

Running other ad networks on your blog before or during application for AdSense will lead to your blog being disapproved.

So when you want to apply for AdSense make sure you remove other ads from your blog.

But after approval, you can combine it.

√ Using of Copyright Images And Missing image ALT Tag.

Avoid the using of other blog images and also doing copy and paste of images on your blog.

Instead, upload them through your post writing area.

To create a unique high-quality image you should use canvas app.

Bonus tips

✔ Avoid the using of paid traffic when you're applying for AdSense instead concentrate on getting traffic from legal sources. like search engines, social media, and related blogs.

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