How To Reduce Your Blog/Website Bounce Rate And Increase Traffic

Traffic is the backbone of every blog/website.

It's a basic need for every blogger.

Most blogger drives high organic traffic to their blog but they have a high bounce rate.

Site high bounce rate can be caused by some known avoidable factors.

Like targeted keywords, blog design, blog navigation, interlinks etc.

This above-mentioned issues can cause your blog to have a high bounce rate if not well tackled.

By high bounce rate in this contest, I mean for instance when a blog visitor visits a post on your blog and he or she leaves your post without moving to other posts.

Having many of this kind of visitors who leaves immediately after reading a post will make your blog have a high bounce rate.

But in this article, we will tackle the issue of high bounce rate.

But first, let's see the definition of bounce rate.

How To Reduce Your Blog/Website Bounce Rate And Increase Traffic

Blog Bounce Rate:

Blog bounce rate is the rate of action of your blog visitors after landing on a post on your blog.

When your blog user moves to other posts, label, tags, navigation menu and look for other things without leaving your blog immediately.

These means your blog has a low bounce rate and high click rate.

But if your users leave your blog immediately after reading the post they came for these means your blog has a high bounce rate and low click-through rate.

To check your bounce rate you have to use the Google Analytics tool if you have installed it.

How to increase your click-through rate and reduce bounce rate.

1: Blog loading time and design.

Loading time of your blog and its design have much effect on the bounce rate your blog.

If the time at which your site loads is high then users will be reluctant to move to other posts.

But if it loads fast enough your users can easily and freely explore other things on your website.

The design of your website is also very important for your visitors.

Because as an adage says “the eye feeds first before the mouth”.

Ensure you have a good navigation menu, using the right keywords on it.

To reduce your website load time you should avoid using too many scripts because it increases blog loading time.

2: Internal links and external links.

Internal links help your blog visitors to easily navigate from one post to another.

While external links take them to other blogs/websites you have referred to.

So to reduce the bounce rate on external links makes them open in new tabs.

Because when they open in the same tab, their maybe possibilities that the visitor will not come back to your blog again.

These links helps to force your visitors to stick to your blog.

So in other to help your users move freely around your blog, you have to include links to your posts with keywords on them.

3: Fresh Content:

As blog traffic is important to all bloggers so also is fresh contents.

A blog is supposed to be updated regularly.

Search engines and humans like fresh interesting contents.

When you write your posts make sure you add headings, attractive images and use simple language.


It's very important that you make your blog

√ Responsive design.

√ User-friendly.

√ Add recommended content widgets.

√ Avoid too many external links.

√ Avoid pop-up ads

√ Fix 404 page not
found error.

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