How To Freely Join The Nigerian Football Supporters Club & Enjoy Many Added Benefits

Do you know it's possible for you to join the thousands of supporting fans cheering Nigeria teams up anytime they are on any sporting events?

The answer to that question is Yes.

You can be part of the millions of the identified and recognized Nigeria Football supporters.

Most of the times when you're watching Nigeria participate on a Football event both locally and internationally.

You see many people wearing Green, White and Green cheering Nigeria teams up and you wondered how they got that connection was it (IM) or what?

In this article, I will be showing you how to can join the ever glowing Nigeria supporters club and be able to enjoy all the benefits attached to it.

Information is power and you won't know unless you discover it yourself or you been taught by somebody else.

Being a member of the Nigeria Supporter Club means you'll be supporting Nigeria on all Football & Other Sports events.

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The work of Nigeria Supporter Club.

Their work and the aim of creating such a group is simple.

They are the people you see on TV cheering, gingering, encouraging, singing high spirited songs etc whenever Nigeria's team is playing Football match or participating in other sporting events.

The aim of this sports-loving family is to cheer Nigeria sporting teams to victory in any sport and any place.


To be a member of this sport loving family is made available to all sport loving Nigerians.

Since is free to all Nigerians it would be great if you get the knowledge on how to become one of their members and also know what you stand to gain as a member.

Let's start with the benefits of becoming a member of the Nigeria Supporters Club.

There are many known benefits to becoming a member.

Travel Benefits.

Being a member of the Nigerian Supporters Clubs have many benefits which are associated with travel experiences.

It helps you to travel around the World anywhere Nigeria teams are participating in any sporting events.

This travels will help you create other great opportunities.

Like making friends globally and creating international contacts.

Being a member makes you an important stakeholder and connects you to important people in Nigeria sports.

The membership identity card giving to you at the period of registration, grants you Free quick entry into any stadium in Nigeria and you will be giving a VIP treat anywhere you go.

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How To Join The Nigerian Football Supporters Club.

Follow below simple steps to become a member.

You'll have to visit one of the below addresses located in Lagos and Abuja.

Step 1. Lagos Address:

Visit the national headquarters of the Nigerian Football supporters club: 22 Mabo Street, Off Randel Road, Surulere Lagos Nigeria.


Abuja Address:

Nigeria Football Supporters Club Cabin, National Stadium complex, Garki Abuja. Pick up the membership form.

Step 2. Fill out the form you collected and choose the category of membership you want.

Category Of Membership

The Nigerian Football Supporters club has two categories of membership:

  1. Ordinary membership
  2. International membership

The ordinary membership gives you the ability to participate in any Nigeria sporting events within Nigeria and other West Africa Sub Region.

Most of the travels of ordinary membership are done through lands.


The international membership gives you the ability to travel with the supporters club to international sporting events.

This event includes international outings on sports festivals like
World Cups, Olympics, African Cup Of Nations etc.

Eligibility for being an international member.

You must be able to pay  #50,000 ( Fifty thousand naira ) annual dues.

And you must be able to finance a large portion of your traveling expenses.

But most of the international outing Nigeria Supporter Clubs embark on, they get free sponsors from agencies and individuals.

Most periods when these sponsors are giving the ordinary members will be randomly selected to join on international trips.

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