Top Free Online SEO Tools That Will Help Increase Your Blog Search Engine Ranking, Traffic, SEO etc

Blog search engine optimization (SEO) is a must do for every Blogger if you want to drive a lot of traffic to your blog and rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Like optimizing your blog meta tags, heading tags, title tags, choosing good keywords etc.

Doing SEO is a bit difficult especially for newbie bloggers who are new to blogging and have less knowledge about design stuff like (HTML, etc).

Many other SEO sites are charging lots of money per month for using their SEO tools.

Like a backlink checker, meta tag tools, keyword researcher etc.

It's hard for some people to afford this monthly pay especially when you have not started to earn money from your blog.

So in this article, I will create links to different “SEO tools” full of useful SEO, design tools for free.

This tools can help increase your blog search engine ranking, traffic, revenue etc.

With this free SEO tools, you will get a lot of pieces of information about your blog site.

Top Free Online SEO Tools That Will Help Increase Your Blog Search Engine Ranking, Traffic, SEO etc

Like how fast your blog is loading, your keywords and the keywords you should be targeting, your site page rank, backlinks in search engine etc.

Here are top SEO tools in the list.

0. Alexa Ranking Checker Tool.

The Alexa ranking tool is used to track your sites Local and Global ranking.

It also checks your sites backlink and competing website to yours.

It shows you the name of websites that are linking to your site.

The Alexa ranking algorithm is calculated based on the amount of traffic recorded from site users that installed the Alexa toolbar on their browser on a period of three months.

Top Free Online SEO Tools That Will Help Increase Your Blog Search Engine Ranking, Traffic, SEO etc

1. Meta Tags Generator

Adding Meta Tags is very important for increasing a blog site search engine ranking.

The tool effectively helps you to automatically create error-free Meta Tag codes.

Like Description Tag, Keyword, Author, Language, Robot Tag etc.

All you have to do is to click on the Tag you want to add to your blog site.

Provide some basic pieces of information like your blog Authors name, description, keywords etc.

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Then click GENERATE.

Help: How to add Meta Tags to Blogger

2. Blogger Ad Code Converter

Adding Google AdSense inside your blog post can increase your blog earning.

But Google AdSense code cannot be placed directly on our blog template HTML source code area.

It will return an error code when you upload the template.

So you need to first convert or parse the AdSense code.

This AdSense converter tool will help you do that.

To convert your code just place the ad code on the first box and click on the second box and the code will automatically generate the encoded code which will work perfectly anywhere in your template.

This converter tool can be used to convert any other code like (Propeller, Chitika ad codes, etc).

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3. Favicon Generator

Favicon is the short icon that appears next to your browser address bar.
It helps to improve the cool and professionalism of your blog look.

This free tool helps you to generate your own blog stunning Favicon in different sizes like 16 x 16, 32 x 32, 48 x 48, 64 x 64, etc.

This tool allows you to create favicons from pictures that are up to 5 MB from either JPG, PNG or GIF or even from a gallery. It also lets you generate favicons for different screen sizes and resolutions at the same time. 

4. Google Pagerank Checker

Google Pagerank play important role in your blog Search Engine Rankings.

Improving your blog backlinks, etc can help increase your PageRank.

The Google page rank free online checker tool helps you to check your PageRank easily.

5. Backlinks Checker Tool

Increasing the backlink quality of your site increases your sites traffic, PageRank, search engine ranking etc.

You can use this method to get high quality, natural backlinks.

You can be using this tool from time to time to check how many backlinks your site has in Google and Yahoo.

If your backlink is increasing or not.

And to know if the sites are still linking to you and try to improve your blog accordingly.

6. Keyword Suggestion Tool

The Keywords you target in your blog article determines how your blog will rank in search engine result pages (SERP).

To be able to use the most relevant keywords in your niche use the keyword suggestion tool to get some keywords ideas.

Good Keywords increases your blog site PPC, revenue and your traffic.

7. Keyword Density Checker Tool

Keyword Density Checker tool helps you to know the density of words used on your site.

The repetition of keywords often in your site make search engines to consider it as Spam.

This considerably reduces you
SERPs (search engine rank positions).

While if you don't have relevant and proper keywords you will lose ranking and traffic.

So, use this free Keyword Density Checker tool to scan your site to know how often keywords are repeated and optimize your site according to that.

8. Instant Domain Name Search

Instant Domain Name search tool helps you to easily find a domain name for your site without having to load hundreds of pages trying to find a domain name to register with.

The tool helps you to know if a domain name is available or not (.com, .net or .org).

9. Website Speed Test

Website speed tester tool helps you to know the loading time of your site.

Using too many images, CSS and javascript codes slow down your site speed loading time which is very bad and will increase your site bounce rate.

But the website speed tester tool will help you detect the render blocking scripts, unoptimized images etc.

Optimize your site and see your loading time increase dramatically.

10. Online 3D Logo Maker Tool

Using a cool 3D logo in the header of your site makes it look nice and professional.

The tool will help you create free stunning 3D logos with hundreds of  Font styles and text effects ( reflection, shadow, glossy, etc) to choose from.

11. Email to Image Converter

Email to Image Converter tool helps you to convert your Email to an image.

The purpose of converting your Email to Image is to avoid spammers from spamming your email box when you type your email directly on public blogs, forums etc.

Spammers use Email harvesters to search email addresses and spam your inbox.

So, instead of typing email address directly in your Contact Us Pages, forums, etc.

Use this Email to Image Converter tool to convert your email address into an image which makes it difficult for Email harvesters to find your address.

12. Nofollow Link Checker Tool

Links with NoFollow tags on them instructs search engines not to follow the link to its destination and not to pass link juice or love to the linked site.

And so they don't help your site SEO ranking

If you are linked to from other sites you should use the above tool to know if it's DoFollow or NoFollow link.

13. Reciprocal Link Checker

This tool is used to check if the website you got a backlink from is still linking to your site or not.

All you need to do is to put in your site URL and your partner's site URL and scan to know if the link is still properly linked to.

You can name other important SEO tools we have using the comment box, so others can benefit too.


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