Easy way to create a Google Gmail Account

Many people don't know how to create Gmail account on their own.

But in this article, I will be teaching you how to easily create your Gmail account with ease.

Google Gmail account is very important for many things like accessing some Google products and services like Gmail, Google Play Store,  Google+, creating a YouTube channel and uploading of videos etc.

Owning a Google Gmail account is very necessary because it can be used for doing a variety of important things.

But we still have other Google products and services which do not require you to have a Gmail account before you can run them.

Easy way to create a Google Gmail Account

They are Google Books, Google maps, etc.

How to create a google account.

Follow below steps to create your Google Gmail account.

Note: that Google account is the same thing as Gmail account so if you already have a Google account then log in with your credentials which is username and password.

If you don't have one proceed with below steps.

Step 1:

The steps we will use to create a Google Gmail account in this article will be straight and simple.

Go to the Google Gmail account creation page from your browser.

When you click on it a new page will open, fill in the necessary pieces of information.

Like your first and Last name, Username (your username will also be your Gmail account address), create your password and retype it to confirm its correct.

Then click the Next button and fill in other necessary pieces of information.

Leave "Your current email address blank" as this is your first time creating an account.

Step 2:

When you click on next button you will be taken to Google Gmail terms of services and privacy policy.

Check the box if you agree.

And proceed, your Google Gmail account is created.

When you create Gmail account your Google+ (Google Plus) account will be automatically created.

Step 3:

On the next page, click on Add a Photo to add a profile picture to your Google+ account or click next to do that next time.

How to create a Google Gmail address on Android Smartphone.

To create your Google Gmail account on your Android devices follow below process.

Go to your phone Setting Menu >>> on Personal >>> click Accounts >>> click Add New.

Tap Google, a sign in page will appear, click on Create New Account.

Fill your first and last name. Hit next.

Putin your username which is also your Gmail address. Tap next.

Fill other pieces of information.

Finally, agree to the Google terms of service.

Your Google Gmail account is created and set up on your android phone.

You have successfully created your Google Gmail account, if you have any question use the comment box below.


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