How To Earn Money Online Starting a Book Review Website

Creating a Book Review Website is another great way of earning money online.

There’re many people who run Book Review Websites and they earn a huge sum of money doing what they love.

So on this blog post, I will also like to expose a bit what Book Review Website is and how you can earn handsome amount of money running your own Book Review Website.

What's a Book Review Website?

Before I go on to define what Book Review Website means let's first define what Book Review means.

A Book Review is the kind of practice or art of commenting and judging on the character and qualities of a literary work.

This art or practice of commenting and judging is to analyze the book based on its style, content, and merit.

There are different forms of Book review which can be done they are: a primary source book review, summary review, opinion piece, or scholarly review.

Books can be reviewed also for magazines, newspapers and printed periodicals, as a school work or for websites on the internet.

You can see that from the definition of Book Review, that it can be done for a website on the internet.


How To Earn Money Online Starting a Book Review Website

So let see.

What is a Book review website?

A Book Review website from the suggestion of our definition of Book review, can be defined as a website where reviews about different type of books are published.

Running Book review website is suitable for -

People who read a lot of books, in another word people who have the passion for reading books.

Skills Needed Running Book Review website -

You must be honest, versatile and always able to provide an in-depth review of books.

Time Needed For Running Book Review Website -

The time needs for starting a book review website is not much, as it can be started within some hours.

In reality, creating a book review website is not where the challenge lies.

The challenge lies in providing appealing and honest book reviews.

But the challenge can be lessened if you're a type of person who has read a lot of books from your childhood.

Then providing a decent number of reviews on books won't be a big challenge.

So in my opinion, if you are the type of person who doesn't read books a lot.

Then starting a Book review website would pose a big challenge for you, as you will have to read and provide the reviews from the scratch.

How to Earn Money Doing Book Review (Monetization) -

To earn money running a book review website you will need to become an Amazon affiliate partner.

Just like earning money publishing Kindle eBooks on Amazon you will need to promote books on your book review website using your Amazon affiliate links.

Then use your honest and decent reviews to persuade people to buy the books your review on your website through your Amazon affiliate link.

The amount of money your earns works on the philosophy of more people who buy books through your affiliate links the more money you earn.

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