Five Legit Telephone Mystery Shopper job websites for Earning Money Online

Many people can talk on a phone for the whole day without getting tired.

Am not saying making phone calls always is bad, no, because telecom communications through phones calls have really helped the World at large.

So if you're the type of person who likes to talk on a phone a lot then you can earn handsome amount of money online doing telephone mystery shopping job.

Communication in life is very vital to all human race and so is communication also vital to companies, businesses, organization, industries etc.

In other to stay ahead of their competitor's many retail outlet and businesses needs to study and analyze what their competitors are doing so that they too can make plans on how to upgrade the product and services they offer.

In other to gather the necessary pieces of information needed and valuable data.

They need to employ the services of mystery shoppers who will help them do the competitive researches needed.

Mystery shoppers are hired also by many survey and market research industries to help them collect data for their studies.

Work of a telephone mystery shopper is:

The work a telephone mystery shopper agent performs is straight and direct.

He or she is to call retail outlets, businesses, call centers.

Ask them questions by pretending to be their good customer who is interested in the product or services they offer.

After making this mystery calls, in other words, it can be called a spy call.

You have to write and submit a report on the information and data you gathered from asking questions.

Telephone Mystery Shopping Job is Suitable For -

People who love to talk on a phone and also very good questionnaires.

The ultimate way of earning money online doing Instagram Marketing.

Skills Needs For Doing Telephone Mystery Shopping Job are:

1: You must be able to speak fluently in your lingua francas and in English language.

2: You must be a good listener and also have a strong focus on details.

3: You must be able to write down reports analysis in English language.

How To Get Started Doing Telephone Mystery Shopping Job -

In other to start doing your telephone mystery shopping job.

I will list for you below the best five legit websites where you can apply as a telephone mystery shopper and earn handsome amount of money online.

All you need to do is to visit the websites and apply for their job offers.


If you need to make quick or instant money doing Telephone Mystery Shopping job, then you must consider submitting your application at Callcenterqa.

They pay $5 flat rate per call.

And their payment medium is via PayPal within 48 hours of completing your call.


This another great website that pays well for telephone mystery shopping job.

Their pays vary from $3.50 to $12 per call based on the location from which you're making the call from or the country.

To apply for a telephone mystery shopping job at Arllc submit your application at Arllc application submission center.

They make their payment through direct bank deposit.


Intelichek call duration is very short as you're expected to ask just a few questions.

Therefore the pay $1 in the beginning but the more experienced you get the more money you earn at Intelichek.

Some experienced workers at Intelichek earn $50 to $100 per day.

To apply for a telephone mystery shopping job at Intelichek submits your application at Intelichek application submission center.

They make their payment via check on a weekly bases until you reach three-star status, then you begin to receive your payments via bank deposits.


Perstrat is a Health Care Telephone Mystery Shopping website.

They do their job by interacting with and observing physicians, patients, employees and their competitors using telephone mystery shopping to evaluate services and process excellence.

You work here is to call medical offices or doctors for the purpose of gathering pieces of information.

They also assign shops which you'll need to visit in person, gather pieces of information and submit a detailed report.

To apply for a telephone mystery shopping job at Perstart, submit your application on Perstrat application submission center.

They pay you in check and their payment is between $12 to 17$ per call and pays you more money for an in-person shop visit.


The last but not the least on my best five legit telephone mystery shopping websites where you can earn huge money online is called Telexpertise.

The method of application submission on Telexpertise is through email.

Submit your Telexpertise telephone mystery shopping job application at elexpertise.

Ensure you include your resume and other relevant qualification materials needed.

They pay between $3 to $10 per call.

Success and Enjoy.

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