How To Earn Money Online Doing Slogans and Taglines Writing Job

Today I want us to look into how to earn money online writing taglines and slogans.

This great way of making money online is for creative people who can smartly describe any services or product in a sentence.

In this way, all you need to do is to write a short but powerful message in a few well-written words.

With this ability, you can be able to earn money online as a tagline or a slogan writer.

Is not every product or services that companies want to advertise or sale that they need 1 million words to describe it, no short powerful descriptive words wonders too.

This what made many companies, organizations, industries etc to require in huge demand the services of a tagline or slogan writers for their corporate taglines, advertising slogans, and product taglines.

Remember the aim of an advertising slogan is to write a powerful message using short phrases.

Many slogan messages contain few words, small or  very short sentences for instance.

Nike: "Just Do It",

Dollar Shave Club: "Shave Time. Shave Money",

BMW: "Designed for Driving Pleasure",

Apple: “Think Different” etc

With this few examples above you can see they have very short slogans representing their product and services.

But no matter how short a slogan is it carries a broad powerful message.

This is why it's important to be creative and think smart when creating a slogan.

The best part of earning money online writing slogans or taglines is that the services are not needed by companies alone but many Tee-shirt, toy, sticker, greeting card makers etc needs funny one-liner, attractive or catchy saying which they can print on their products.

How To Earn Money Online  Doing Slogans and Taglines Writing Job
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So this way you can also offer your slogan services and thought to this group and earn extra cash.

Writing Slogans and Taglines is Suitable For -

√ Avid thinkers and readers.

Skills Required for being great at writing slogans and taglines are-

Be creative and think smartly.

How To Get Started -

From the websites I will list below you can be able to learn a lot and let the ideas flowing into your head on how to be a great slogan and tagline writer if you have not been creating it before.

1. Sloganizer 

This site is an online bot which generates random phrases and gives you many ideas on any sentence you types in but the ideas will not be a complete slogan.

2. Idiomsite 

Idiom site is a website where you can find many popular idioms with which you can use to create your own slogans that will fit your purpose.

3. BrainyQuote

Brainy Quote is a site where you can find many popular quotes.

Quotes are loved by many people so you can use quotes to magnet  some new slogan ideas.

Where you can get the slogan contest job.

Many advertising agencies and companies frequently carry out slogan-writing contests which anybody can freely join or participate.

So below are great reputable sites where you can easily sign up and participate in their ongoing contests.

The websites are:

A. Sloganslingers

This a great site where many companies create slogan contests.

So all you need to do is to sign up and you'll be able to contest with other  slogan writers.

The site is free for sign-ups and on their site, they say one can make $999  per contest after they have substrated their own small admin fee.

B. Getaslogan

This a great site that helps companies to create, custom, creative and catchy slogans.

The companies create contests and anybody from all over the World can participate to create business  slogan ideas.

Sign Up on getaslogan is free of charge but on your sign up they will assign you level which normally starts from level 0, as you begin to win slogan contests or make it to the final round, your level will be improving.

You can participate to as many slogan contests as you want and earn an unlimited amount of money from their site.

But it's important you work so your level will get higher for the higher your level the availability of many slogan contests.

3. Freelancer

In freelancer website, you can do many different works and earn money online but they have special  reserved section for slogan writing jobs.

From here many people will post slogan related jobs and the budget for carrying out the job and this job opportunities will be emailed directly to your email box.

You'll find many job opportunities on freelancer all you need to do is to select the one that you like and place your bids.

4. This number four is like a bonus track on music albums, here you can upload theme on online marketplaces where they sell on-demand  custom made merchandise.

The websites below are great marketplaces where you can sell your slogans.

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