How to earn money online doing a Captioning job

Today I want us to look at how to earn money online doing a Captioning job.

But before we go into detail on this very topic I will like to explain a bit what captioning mean.

What is Captioning?

Captioning is a text version of a speech and other sounds that can be provided on television, online videos, DVDs, at theatres and cinemas.

Or in more simple terms captioning is a process of converting an audio content of a video into text.

It is usually displayed on the bottom of video screens or on a different screen or sometimes positioned to show the character whose is speaking or points to where the sound is coming from.

The displayed text on a screen is called subtitles.

Subtitles are text which is gotten from either screenplay or transcript of a commentary or dialog in a film, program, television etc.

Captioning job is very similar to transcribing but on captioning your job is to watch a video and correctly type everything you hear on it.

When doing the audio to text conversion make sure the text sync with audio correctly.

How to earn money online doing captioning job

Captioning job is suitable for -

Captioning job is suitable for almost everybody.

Skills Required -

1. Being able to read, write and speak fluently the language your working on along with English.

2. Being able to listen and easily understand many accents on the language your working on.

In doing a captioning job you will need to equip
yourself with a headset and computer with decent internet speed.

How To Get Started -

The best way to start a captioning job is to signup at

Then submit your Rev application at Freelancer Caption

At Rev, many captioners earn a lot of money online.

An average captioner earns $240 per month.

Top captioners at Rev earn over $1500 per month.

While Rev pays you $0.40 to $0.75 per video minute.

They make their payments weekly through PayPal this way it will be easier for you to receive your payments.

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