How To Earn Money Online By Creating Viral Website

Today I want us to look into how to earn money online by creating a viral website.

But before we go into it let's, first of all, know what viral website means.

A website that publishes informative, interesting or surprising articles and encourages its readers to share the articles with their social media followers is known as a viral website.

This kind of website gets it's traffic and its popularity through social media sharing and earns money on the website by displaying ads on it.

We have many Worlds famous viral websites which we must have heard or come across some of them are,, or

An advantage of sharing a viral website on social media:

Social media has grown into a great social platform where many people interact frequently, sharing, liking interesting stuff with their friends or tag them than they do in real life.

This known trend can make anything go viral without much marketing effort or advertisement.

So all we need to do is to use to our own advantage this sharing trend on social media and earn money online by creating, writing and publishing interesting posts, share them on social media via it drives traffic (people) to your website and earn money on it by displaying ads on your website.

How To Earn Money Online By Creating Viral Website

Another great advantage of viral websites is that it drives instant traffic to your website from social media and you earn money this way you will not rely on Google and doing search engine optimization and wait for long before your articles begin to drive a steady flow of traffic.

Owning a viral website is suitable for -

√ People who love to read and write about interesting trending articles.

√ People who love using and joining social media platforms.

Skills needed for running the viral website are -

1. Being able to write and publish interesting articles worthy of reading and also read great articles.

2. Being able to look for, find and share exciting worthy articles from the internet.

3. Being able to know the basic knowledge and operating skills of running a Wordpress website.

Time Required To Start Running a Viral Website -

The time required for running a viral website varies depending on the expertise of the person involved.

And also the time it will take to build a fan base on social media platforms, finding topics and writing posts on them.

How To Get Started -

We are going to take this part step by step so it can be easily understood.

Step One - Create your viral website on Wordpress.

You'll need to create your viral website on Wordpress which is not hard to do because you don't need any technique to start.

Then look for and buy your domain name and good hosting account to set up your Wordpress website.

You can learn step by step tutorial on how to set up a viral website from YouTube.

Step two - Create a Facebook fan page for you viral website.

Setting up a Facebook fan page can be done within some minute.
In the process of creating your Facebook fan page remember to use professional pictures and also fill all the required details of your website so it can be easily seen.

You can take great ideas on the popular viral websites we have which is listed below and use them for your research purposes.

Step three - Write and publish a viral article on your viral website and share them on your  Facebook page.

How to find, write and publish viral content on your website.

This the hard part of this type of business model because it's not easy to find viral contents you will be publishing on your own website.

But there's no problem without a solution and we are going to apply a very simple solution to this problem.

To solve this content finding problem all you need to do is to visit and bookmark all the popular viral websites I listed above and find out which of their posts are trending, then study their Facebook pages.

Check for their articles with most shares, then copy, rewrite and publish the article on the same topic your own website.

Note: don't copy and paste their articles but rewrite on your own unique words to avoid been banned by Google and Facebook.

This way you will have much time to write on many articles with ease and gain more chance of your article going viral since the topic is already trending on social media.

Step four - Grow your Facebook page.

The best way of growing your Facebook page is to run a Facebook ad on it.

The Facebook Ad will help you get more followers, traction, and traffic.

To avoid spending lots of money running this Facebook Ads, you can set your daily budget to $5 to $10 and promote your Facebook page posts.

Step five - Rinse and Repeat

To make money on your viral website you must follow a process which is to find, rewrite, publish and promote new trending contents on your website and share them on social media, this way you'll be earning money on your website.

The more you do this the more money your earns and soon it will become a habit and easy for you to do it frequently.

How To Earn Money Running A Viral Website (Monetization)

The best way to make money on your viral website by placing Google Adsense ads on your website.

Adsense works on the bases of CPC (cost per click) and other methods when your website visitors click on the ads on your website you'll earn money.

On Wordpress, you can use a plugin called Quick Adsense for placing ads in the most optimal way that will generate higher clicks.

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