How TO Earn Money Online Offering Video Creation And Editing Services

Today we are going to look into how to earn money online offering video creation and editing services to individuals, companies, organizations, industries, blog owners, website owners etc.

We all know that video is highly in demand just like “earning money online on YouTube” which has made it to be hot commodity  nowadays.

But the main opportunity you're going to leverage from this article is due to the fact that video creation and editing is in high demand but its not everybody that knows how to create videos or edit them.

How TO Earn Money Online Offering Video Creation And Editing Services

You use this opportunity to offer your services on video creation and editing and earn huge money online.

Video  Creation  Service Tools

Using free  video creation tools which can be found online, you can easily and quickly learn the basic knowledge on how to combine pictures, text, audios and turn this elements into video format for your online clients.

Below are some list of online video creation tools you can use to get started.

OpenOffice for presentation  software similar to  PowerPoint
(for royalty - free musical loop  directories for adding music to the videos that  you create.)

Video  Editing  Services

Video editing services is very easy to begin and sell your services whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner.

If you don't have any basic knowledge on video creation and editing don't worry there are many tutorials online teaching how to create and edit videos both in written format and video format, all you need to do is to search it up on the search engines like (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex etc).

Make research and within short period of time you must have learnt all you need to know on video creation and editing.

Materials needed from your customer/client  before you can do video editing job for them are:

1. A script: is a written word that will go on each slide within a video presentation.

You required number for better service is 10 words or less in each slide.

The simpler the clearer the effectiveness of the message.

2. A musical  loop in an MP3  format: Musical loops can be purchased by category and shipped down to you on CD or the loop can be downloaded online.

Musical loop ( is a  musical song or short instrument).
This musical loop should be provided by your customer but if he or she did not provide it then you can choose the musical track that will be playing along with the video presentation.

3. Voiceover: this an audio file which will be added to the video your editing.

Sometimes customers provide them.

The quality and length of the audio format varies depending on how they were recorded and saved.

From the free softwares you download online make sure you learn and understand how it works and the particular video editing tools you'll be working with.

In summary, using free tools  that you can find online, you can learn how to create  and edit videos for customers.

How To Earn Money Doing Video Editing (Monetization) -

There are few genuine ways you can earn money online doing video creation and editing job.

√ You can sell your video editing services to individual business owners by approaching them through their website contact form or e-mail address.

√ You can advertise on online forums for hire services and can also offer your services to webmasters to offer to their customers as  bonus perk.

√ Furthermore you can even start a  video creation or editing gig on  Fiverr or register yourself as a video  creator and editor on Upwork.

The creation and editing of video is on rapid growth now, so you can join and start earning huge money online.

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