Better Explanation of What Backlinks Means and How They Can Improve SEO And Google Ranking of Your Website

A backlink is a household name for every bloggers and website owners.

But newbie blog site owners usually find it difficult to understand what backlink means.

A backlink is a very important ingredient for blogs and websites to rank higher on search engine result pages.

So it has huge advantages if you acquire quality backlink from high-quality websites or blog.

I said high-quality websites or blog because the effect and function of backlinks on blog sites has changed dramatically over the years.

This change was established by Google when they rolled out the Google Penguin algorithm.

This means then that backlink acquired from low-quality websites or blog will affect your blog negatively.

But early down the years, even backlinks from low-quality link helps in the ranking of a blog site.

So in this article, I will explain everything you need to know to understand what backlink means.

Why they are very important to your online success and blog site SEO ranking.

Best Definition of Backlinks and How Backlinks Can Improve SEO And Google Ranking of Your Website

What is a backlink?

Backlink can also be called inbound link, inward link, incoming link or anything that you can call a link coming into your blog, website or web page.

It's a hyperlink that links from a website, blog, or web page back to your own blog site or web page.

If you have many backlinks or inbound links coming into your blog site, from high-quality websites.

Then your blog site will rank higher or appear on top of search engine result pages like Google.

This because search engines love's high-quality links.

This will help to drive more blog visitors to your blog site because your blog will appear on top of search engine result pages.

Backlinks can be created in various ways, it can be created by leaving links on blog pages or through comments box on a blog or website. See how to add NoFollow tag automatically to a blog comment box.

The links created on a blog or comment box can be clicked and through it visite the blog site which the link is outgoing to when found interested.

These backlinks will help to increase your blog visitors and also you will get links juice from the links if its DoFollow backlink.

Importance of backlinks to blog site SEO.

There're many importance or advantages of backlinks to your blog site SEO which I will list below.

1: Backlinks help your blog site to rank higher in the search engine.

High-quality Backlinks helps your blog site to appear higher on search engine result pages.

They also help your blog site to get higher Referral Traffic.

Referral Traffic is a link from another blog site that visitors visit your blog from.

For instance, if blog (A) has your blog (B) link on his or her blog.

Best Definition of Backlinks and How Backlinks Can Improve SEO And Google Ranking of Your Website

When blog A visitors visit blog B’s blog through blog A’s content, the traffic is called Referral Traffic.

This type of traffic if it's coming from a high-quality link from a high-quality blog site with a lot of traffic.

The link will not only help you blog SEO.

But it will also help to drive a lot of targeted traffic to your blog for a very long period of time especially if the link is coming from a popular website.

And very importantly referral traffics are high targeted traffic.

2: Backlinks helps your website gets indexed faster.

Backlinks help your website to be indexed quickly.

Because it helps search engine spiders or bots to discover links to your blog site and to effectively crawl your blog site.

Backlinks are very important for newbie blog sites as they help your blog site to be discovered and get indexed faster.

For instance, if you get a backlink from a website which already has been discovered by search engine bots.

Then when the website is been crawled the link to your own blog site on the content of the linking website will be followed this way your own blog site will be indexed too.

Backlink help your blog site to get Referral Traffic and Referral traffic are targeted traffic and has a low bounce rate.

You may read: How to increase the time spent on your blog sit to reduce blog bounce rate.

Important terminologies of Backlinks.

There are important terminologies that go hand in hand with blog site backlinks.

These terminologies is a must know and understood terms if you want to know really what backlink means.

They are:

1: Link Juice

2: DoFollow Link

3: NoFollow link

4: Linking Root Domains

5: Low-Quality Links

6: Internal Links

7: Anchor Text:

With the above terminologies explained in this article, you can be able to explain off head what backlink really means anytime, any day.

The backlink terminologies will be taken one after the other.

1: Link Juice

Link Juice is the love pass to a website when the website is been linked to.

For instance, when link juice is passed from website A to website B.

Website B will be indexed quickly, will get higher ranking in search engines, get higher SEO rating, get trustworthiness from search engines, gain value etc.

But there is a way webmasters use to determine whether to pass link juice to a linked website or not.

2: DoFollow Link

This is a link on a blog site which allows link juice to be passed to the linked blog site.

For instance, if blog site A is linked to the blog site B with a DoFollow tag, then link juice or love will be passed from blog A to blog B.

But by default, all links to a website are DoFollow links.

3: NoFollow Link

NoFollow links are links in a blog site with the NoFollow tag on it for example (rel=’nofollow’).

The link instructs search engine spiders not to follow the link to its destination.

NoFollow tags are used for linking to spam or unreliable blog sites especially links from the comment box see how to add NoFollow tag automatically to blog comment box.

4: Linking Root Domains

This means the number of backlinks coming into your website from a unique domain.

For instance, if blog A is linked to blog B 10 times, as long as the links are coming from a unique domain, all the 10 links will be considered one linked root domain.

5: Low-Quality Links

Low-quality backlinks are very harmful to our blog site.

It affects our blog sites SEO, search engine ranking, causes Panda effects and drops blog traffic by 70%.

Low-quality links usually come from porn sites, harvested sites, spam sites, automated sites etc.

6: Internal Links

Internal links are links from your own blog site.

They also help your blog site to be indexed quickly, helps your blog visitors to spend more time on your blog content as they will be moving from one article to another following the internal links.

7: Anchor Text

Anchor text is the best SEO relevant way of linking to another blog site.

It's a descriptive labeling of hyperlinks.

The words used in an anchor text on a blog site determines the ranking a page will receive in search engine result pages (SERP).

I will stop here for today.

If you read this article and its helpful to you, do share it with your Family, Friends, and Fans on Social Media platforms.

And also come back for my next article.

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Nice article. Its helpful. It is vital for newbies to understand what backlink means and how to build it.

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Internal linking also helps shoot up Domain and Page authority. This, Jonathan Leger explained in one of his seo eBooks.

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Yes quality beats quantity anytime and internal linking helps search bots to move around your blog easily


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