How To Build High Quality, Natural Backlinks to Help Increase Your Blog Site Traffic

There sure proven strategies of building backlinks to your blog site.

These strategies when used rightly will help you to build high quality, natural backlinks.

Backlinks from high quality, natural websites help you to get targeted referral traffics, helps your blog site to rank higher on search engine result pages like Google, helps your blog site SEO get a higher rating etc.

How To Build High Quality, Natural  Backlinks to Help Increase Your Blog Site Traffic

Without much talk, let us see the surely proven strategies of getting high quality, natural backlinks.

1: Guest blogging or posting

Guest blogging is number one on my list, this is the act of writing articles or post for another blog site.

But its very important to do guest posting on high quality or trustworthy websites in your niche.

So whenever you want to write an article for the purpose of guest posting on another website, make sure you check the domain authority of the website you want to guest post on.

Backlinks are gotten from the guest posting strategy because after writing your blog post you'll leave a link back to your own blog site on the article.

This link back is called a backlink and they can help you drive a lot of direct traffic to your blog site.

2: Build Backlinks with Infographics

Creating attractive and well-designed infographics that give out useful and valuable pieces of information to your blog site readers usually goes viral.

When you create your infographics share them on the social media platforms for more exposure and visibility.

3: Local listings or directory

Local listing websites like Google My Business, Yelp, hotfrog, Yellow Pages etc.

The local listing website is the best way to promote your business in your local area and gain quality backlinks.

Local listing websites will help your blog site to get more traffic.

They Help small and local businesses to increase their sales, brands and been located easily by as many numbers of customers as possible.

Social media channel backlinks are natural, high-quality backlink.

To get these social media backlinks you have to create a strong social media presence or profile on the various social media platforms we have like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn etc.

5. Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking websites are websites for centralized online services which enable its users to edit, add, annotate and share bookmarks on web documents.

Some social bookmarking websites have been in existence since 1996.

For example, Delicious was founded 2003 etc.

So social bookmarking websites like Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc help you get natural, high-quality backlinks.

6. Blog site commenting and Answering questions in Question and Answer websites.

You can get backlinks from Question and Answer websites like Yahoo, Quora etc see how to earn money answering questions in Quora website.

Blog commenting on authority blog sites in your niche also helps you to get backlinks.

7. Video, Image, ppt promotion

Create and promote your contents.

The contents can be in an image, video or ppt format and share them on document sharing sites.

This will help you to build quality backlinks.

8: Final thought

To build high quality, natural backlinks you must have to focus on providing unique contents that are useful and valuable to your blog site users.

This way when your blog site users read your blog contents, they will be forced to share it on their social media platforms willingly.

So Backlink building strategies don't have any quick fix or shortcuts for building them.

If this article is informative to you, you can share it with your Family and Friend on social media channels.

Like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.

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