Best Way To Add NoFollow Tag To A Link On Your Blog

The NoFollow tags are links which don't pass link juice to the linked site.

They block, instruct, or tell search engine spiders not to follow a link to its destination.

Therefore they don't add value or boost the SEO of the linked site or help in the page ranking of the linked site SERP.

The NoFollow attribute was formally created to combat or fight off comment spams.

It is used to protect blogs from unnecessary blog links, which helps to reduce or prevent spam.

Most search engines are very much concerned to the destination site you're linking to.

Best Way To Add NoFollow Tag To Your Blog

So if in any way you wants to link to a spammy or scamming website you must use the NoFollow tag on the hyperlink, to prevent been penalized by search engines.

Paid links, sponsored post links, affiliate links etc should have the NoFollow tags, as Google considers this links as paid links and can cause your blog to drop in Google search engine result page ranking.

To prevent been penalized by search engines you have to add the NoFollow tags to any link you don't want search engines to follow but humans can follow it.

Adding the NoFollow tag is the only way you can link to a website even though its a spam or scam website and still be safe from search engine wahala.

And you can add NoFollow tag to a link by adding the rel=”nofollow” to the site link you want to link to.

Or to redirect the link to a link in your web page that is blocked from search engine by robots.txt file.

But this second option is more time consuming and required some tricks and technical approach.

How To Add NoFollow Attributes To A Link.

In other to add the NoFollow tag to a link you should follow the tricks below.

If you want to add the NoFollow tag to a link on a blog post follow this step.

1: Create a link to a text as before.

Let's say the link is:

<a href="">My Paid Affiliate Link Text</a>

2: On New Post, switch to HTML view.

3: Add the NoFollow attribute to the link this way.

<a href=""rel="nofollow" >My Paid Affiliate Link Text</a>

If you want to add the NoFollow tag to your blogger HTML source code using an Android phone follow this step.

Go to your blogger HTML source, search for the link you want to add NoFollow tag on.

When you locate it, just add the rel="nofollow" tag on the already existing link.

This way:

<a href=""rel="nofollow" >My Paid Affiliate Link Text</a>

This tag will block search engine spiders from following the link, but humans can follow it.

The NoFollow tag helps you to boost your blog SEO and help to increase your search engine ranking.

So it's very necessary that you add the NoFollow tag to links that are not worth linking to or links that can hinder your page ranking in SERP.

If you have any issue let me know through the comment box.

In my upcoming posts, I will be writing more on NoFollow tags.
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