How To Automatically Add Nofollow To All External Links In Bloggers Blog

The NoFollow tag was basically created to combat spam or scam links to a blog.

It tells search engine spiders not to follow a link to its destination.

This way, search engine spiders will be blocked from following the link with NoFollow tags.

But humans can follow the links with the Nofollow attribute.

The NoFollow tag when added to an outbound link prevent link juice or love to be passed to the linked destination.

This will help to comb the risks of been penalized by the search engine algorithms and will, in turn, help your SEO rating and SERP ranking.

Outbound links are very important on blogs, the more you link or been linked to by high authority websites the more search engines see your blog as a relevant, important or trustworthy blog.

But most of the times we get to link to low-quality blogs, from different source sometimes through Comment Box.

This will increase the risk of your blog been banned by Google algorithm because the link has low quality and its spammy in nature.

How To Automatically Add Nofollow To All External Links In Bloggers Blog

How To Add NoFollow Attributes To All External Links On Blogger.

1. Go to Blogger  >> Theme. Always Backup your template before doing any editing on your template HTML source.

2. Click >> Edit HTML.

If you're using an Android phone like me for editing your blogger HTML source code use this  Best Source Code Editor For Android.

3. Search for </head> and before the </head>, paste the code below:

<!--Remove this if you are
already using any
jQuery.js file-->
<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
(function () { jQuery('a
([href*=""])').attr('rel', 'nofollow');
([href*=""])').attr("target", "_blank"); });

Change to your own domain URL.

And remove the code on red if you already have jQuery in your blog source code.

4. Click on Save.

The code above is designed with jQuery.

The code blocks, instruct or inform search engine spiders not to follow all external links and that they should open the external links on a New Window because of the (Target=" Blank ") code.

The jQuery code also doesn't add NoFollow tag to your blog internal links.

Because it contains ( Don't add, nofollow tag to blog internal links).

How to check NoFollow links on Web pages.

There are different ways of checking NoFollow links on a webpage.

But we will give out two preferable ways, maybe on later articles, we will write extensively on how to check NoFollow tags.

The two ways are.

Using the Free Google Chrome extension that automatically detects and highlights all no follow links after page load.

Downloading Link for Chrome Users:

Downloading Link for FireFox Users:

Benefits of adding NoFollow tag to external links.

1: It decreases Blog Bounce rate: adding the NoFollow tags to all your external links will reduce your blog bounce rate.

And block the passing of link juice to another blog thereby improving the ranking of your blog and help to increase your blog SEO rating.

This because the link contains Target = " Blank " which instructs browsers to open all external link on a New Window.

This will result in high CTR and CPC.

2: It helps you avoid search engine penalties.

Google and other search engines are not fans of spammy blogs.

And they also don't fan the idea of linking your blog to spammy blogs.

But been linked to or you linking to spam blogs is inevitable.

Because sometimes we use them to provide more pieces of information to our blog readers.

But with the NoFollow tag on the link, you will prevent the passing of link juice to the blog.

And also avoid the risk of been banned by the search engine like Google.

Do NoFollow tags affect our backlinks?

The answer is No.

Some webmasters and experts said that nofollow links have its importance because a backlink remains a backlink.

Whether the backlink is a NoFollow backlink or DoFollow backlink.
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