6 useful Proofreading and Editing tools for professionalising you're online jobs

So it will be great also to know the tools which can effectively and efficiently help to make your texts error free and look professional.

Most of the times after writing your articles you read and sometimes re-read it to make sure all the grammar, phrases, spelling, punctuation marks are all correct, but somehow errors still appear in the article.
This where proofreading tools help you clear those error like spot typo errors, check your work for readability, clarity and sometimes suggest words based on acronyms, which we may slip while doing the correction.

As such proofreading tools work as your second eye.

Some of the great works proofreading tools do for us are:

1: They suggest the best synonym that fits your text.

2: They check and match words on the article you're typing for spelling consistency.

3: Pinpoints complex sentences.

4: Makes suggestions for simpler words to use.

5: Detects plagiarism sentences.

6 useful Proofreading and Editing tools for professionalising you're online jobs

Important of proofreading before submitting your work.

√: Communication is key to success:

Proofreading your articles before submission helps you to clear silly grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes, syntax errors etc thereby rising up your communication skills.

For instance, incorporate World, it's hard to get employment job without good writing communication skills.

On the online World people like Bloggers, Freelancers, Marketers etc needs error-free written grammatically fluent and correct texts to ensure the message they are trying to convey is properly reaching their audience.

So if you're running online services, then the error-free contents are very important for your online job.

Finally proofreading your writings before you submit or publish them could be the difference between your success or failure.

The great Proofreading tools we have are listed below.

1: Google Doc: am writing first about this great tool (Google Doc), built and developed by Google because is the tool am currently using for writing my blog articles.

Before I installed the app I use to have many kinds of errors on my article like typing errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes.

But now those errors have been greatly reduced by this app.

Google Doc is a grammar checking solid tool, which is able to check the errors on your text as you type them, by detecting and underlining spelling errors and other errors with a red line.

To correct errors on Google Doc go to the underlined words right click on it and select the best word from the suggestions made by the app.

2: Grammarly

The second on my list is a great proofreading tool which I also use for my writing purposes.

Combining this two great tools Google Doc and Grammarly has effectively and efficiently increased my writing accuracy, correct text, and fluency.

The way these two tools work for me is that they detect the errors as I type my articles, the once Google Doc did not detect Grammarly will, so this way I have more chances of publishing more accurate articles.

Grammarly is a well-known proofreading app which is used for checking your grammar, errors on texts etc.

The app proofreads you text and detects typing errors, spelling errors, detecting plagiarism, poor use of vocabulary.

The Grammarly software when install can be used across all your web applications like your email, messaging apps, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and other apps.

6 useful Proofreading and Editing tools for professionalising you're online jobs

Grammarly works by detecting correctly spelled words used in the wrong context.

And also check the grammars on your text and make necessary suggestions to improve your writing readability.

Finally, Grammarly is a great keyboard tool for doing proofreading jobs.

They have a Free version with limited features and a Paid version with more advanced features.

Their paid version price are listed below.


$29.95 USD per month.

$59.95 USD per quarter

$139.95 USD per year.

3: PerfectIt Software:

PerfectIt is a great proofreading software which can best be used together with Microsoft word since it has some known detected issues when used alone.

PerfectIt is used to check spelling consistency in your writings, check abbreviations, remove double spacing, accepts track changes, and update cross-references etc.

It has a free and paid version.

The free version can be used for free for 30 days.

While the paid version Cost: $99 USD.

4: Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker:

Ginger proofreading software works similarly to Grammarly.

It's also a keyboard software which is available for Android and IOS.

Ginger works by checking the spelling mistakes on your texts as you type, but it can't detect plagiarism or errors in your punctuations like Grammarly does.

Ginger also has free and paid versions.

Their paid version Cost: Basic: $8.30 USD per month.

Premium: $14.60 USD per month.

5: Hemingway Editor tool

Hemingway Editor tool is a great proofreading app which performs its work by highlighting complex, lengthy sentences, and common errors.

Yellow highlight means the sentence needs to be shortened or slitten.

Red highlight means your sentence is complicated and dense and would be hard for your readers to understand it.

Purple highlight means there's a simpler word to use in place of the highlighted one just mouse over it for suggestion or hint.

Blue highlight means the sentence contains weakening phrases or adverb, so replace them with words with force or action.

Green highlight means the sentence has a passive voice in it.

it also shows you what grade reading level your content appeals to.

Its main job is to highlight content that makes your writing hard to read and helps you to simplify it.

But it's not most suitable for writing academic or scientific contents.

How it works:

All you need to do is to paste the article your working on in Hemingway Editor app and edit it or click the Write button and compose new text.

It has a free version with basic features and a paid version.

Cost: $9.99 USD.

6:  Phrase Express Software:

Is another great proofreading online tool for editing text.

The tool is able to correct or complete the phrase in your writing.

It has other great features apart from correcting spellings, for instance, it can expand your abbreviation as you type, thereby saving you more time.

It can also detect plagiarism which is essential for writing a blog and other online articles.

Free trial available for 30 days.
Paid version Cost:

from $49.95 USD.

What other proofreading tool do you know or have used? so we can know them from you from the comment box.

Knowledge is power, sharing with friends is love.
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