How To Make Money Online by Installing Research Apps

Do you know you can get paid for installing research applications on your phone?

The answer is YES and wetin the content of this post am going to show you how to make money installing research apps on your Smartphone.

Some companies like MobileXpression, Nielsen and some other market research companies frequently collects data on popular apps, web trends, website etc.

In other to achieve this combusome work they may need regular people to share this datas and informations with them.

How To Make Money Online by Installing Research Apps

How it works

First you need to install mobile apps of this market research companies on your smartphone.

Then at the end of every month you will be paid by them just to keep their app installed on your smartphone.

This market research apps you installed on your smartphone will be collecting normal activities and data  from your smartphone and send feedbacks to the company that  owns the app in anonymous and encrypted manner without the app affecting your battery life or smartphone performance.

Let's look at the research app recommended for you to install.

√  Nielsen  Mobile  App

Nielsen company will pay you $50 or more yearly in other for you to install and retain their app on your phone.
To begin making money with Nielsen then you must first visit their website and sign up for an account.

On the process of your registration you'll be asked some basic questions to know more about you like:

Your  household,  and the  devices  you use.

Install the App

Then you will be instructed to download their safe and secure  Nielsen  App to all of your  registered  devices.

After the installation you will need to restart your smartphone.

It is  noninvasive  and won't  impact your device  performance.

After this your work is over the app will do the remaining work by collecting datas and sending feedbacks to Nielsen company.

Earn Rewards

After  you've  installed  the app, you get rewarded  just for using the  Internet as you do  today!

MobileXpression Panel App

MobileXpression is just like Nielsen; you'll have to register yourself on MobileXpression registration panel

After the registration then download their app, the app will run on the background of your smartphone collecting important, relevant datas and sends feedback to MobileXpression automatically without affecting your device performance.

One great thing with MobileXpression company is that you can play instant reward games.

Where you're guaranteed to win a price after one week of installing their app on your smartphone.

They offer rewards in form of iPads, TVs, Amazon gift cards etc.

Placed Panel App

Panel app works by rewarding you points each month for installing and keeping their app on your smartphone.

This points can be redeemed for different prizes.

They also offer survey offers which you can use to increase your points.

Just like in other research company apps Panel app will  anonymously  receive and collect datas about your device  usage, apps installed, location, web  pages you visits etc.

Without intruding or monitoring your personal informations like phone calls, text messages etc.

Register here on Panel App

√ Cross Media Panel App

Cross Media Panel App is been operated by Google this app helps Google to understand mobile and web usage in a better way.

Visit  Cross Media Panel to register for an account using your email id and then install the  app on your smartphone or browser extension.

On the installation of their app you will instantly earn up to  $6  in  reward and additional $3/weekly for regularly  using  your device.

The threshold for payment is $25 which can be redeemed in form of gift cards from a different retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Best Buy etc. 

In conclusion -

The money you will make from installing the apps above is not much, but the money earned from it is just got effortlessly.

All of us use  smartphones  so why not install these  apps  and  earn  some extra bucks for  sponsoring  our holiday  gifts?

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