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How To Make Money Online Doing Proofreading Jobs

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Today I want us to look into another opportunity of making money online which is called Proofreading.

Proofreading: is the act of examining any written text or article carefully to find and  correct typing errors, style errors, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes etc.

The need for proofreading was neccessified do to the increasing and rise of blogs, internets, social medias and the demand for high quality contents which is also very necessary.

So this lead to the huge demand of the people called proofreaders who examines texts and ensure this texts are error free.

So it's very good to leverage this great opportunity to make huge money online.

Proofreading is Suitable For -

People who loves to write, read, find and correct errors.

Skills Required for doing Proofreader job -

1. Being fluent in English language both in speaking  or writing it.

2. Being able to work independently, follow layed out instructions and have good comprehension skills.

3. Being able to proofread 1000-1500 words per hour.

How To Make Money Online Doing Proofreading Jobs

How To Be a Proofreader -

To start the job of being a proofreader online it will be best to apply for the post of proofreading job on the following two great websites I will list below.

1. Proofreading Services

To start proofreading job on Proofreading Services submit your application at
Proofreadingservices application.

Upon your application submission you will participate on  20 minutes test which contains 20 questions for the purpose of testing your basic English and Grammatical abilities.

So make sure you gives in your best on the test because the higher your score the more chances you'll have to be accepted.


To submit your proofreading application on Scribendi  do it here Scribendi application.

On Scribendi proofreaders are given more flexibility which makes it possible for you to chose on the project you would like to work on, but you must cover proofreading of 10,000 words per month.

Scribendi don't ask qualification questions on your application submission like does.

But if you have experience in editing, language teaching,  writing, document production etc then you have higher chances of being accepted.

They pays their clients via PayPal and you can also earn monthly incentives.