How To Make Money Online Using Giveaway Campaigns Strategies

Giveaway or free gifts is a great way of attracting people to your goal.

Giveaway is a kind of charity that you do online that when the people you're doing it for gains your trust and become loyal followers you will stand to gain a lot from them.

It may be hard for you comprehend from the title or beginning of this post what am trying to drive at or imply.

Which may get you confused and ask questions like how can somebody make money online by giving away something?

If you ask such question it shows you are a great thinker and a visionary.

So on this post, I will teach you a very brilliant marketing strategy on how to make a lot of money online doing giveaway campaigns which few marketers use today but it's very effective, tested and trusted way of making handsome money online without investing a lot of funds.

What's the strategy for making money online with Giveaways?

The strategy of making money online offering giveaways consist of organizing free Giveaway of a high  valued physical product like eBooks, Softwares, Online services, live event passes etc.

This giveaway will be promoted targeting specific interested audience, then ask the targeted audience to participate in the giveaways using their email ids and also sharing it with their friends and relatives.

This will help you build a niche specific targeted email list.

After the registration within a specified day, weeks or months then you give the promised physical product or services for free to the winner of the contest which will be selected randomly.

How To Make Money Online Using Giveaway Campaigns Strategies

Then monetize the email list you have collected from your targeted audience by promoting affiliate offers through email marketing.

Giveaway strategy works like a  charm and helps you to build a targeted email list for  free or at a low advertising cost which you can later on use to promote  affiliate offers and make money.

Giveaways are Suitable For -

Individuals who love and can fluently talk, explain, write and have the ability to persuade.

Skills Required for doing Giveaways -

Being able to write promotional  emails.

How to get started with giveaways  campaign -


It's necessary to make proper research before you do any online money making business and so it is it with giveaway campaigns.

You need to skillfully and wisely decide what kind of gift you'll use on your giveaway campaigns.

Following are some  tips which will guide you to conduct  research and select the right product/offer for your giveaway.

1. Find out what are the most  prominent pain points people have in your niche  and how your giveaway can provide a solution to it.

Use the following points to dig out pain points in your niche.

- Visit Q & A sites such as Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc. to  find out which are the most asked questions in your niche.

- Visit niche  specific forums  and find which are the most discussed topics.
- Visit niche specific blogs to find out the most popular articles and note down the topics on which the article is written.

- Visit social  media platforms to find out influencers  in your niche, then study what they share on their pages.

- Visit YouTube and find out which  are the most viewed videos in your niche and which  topics are discussed in them.

- Study comments  on blog posts, YouTube  videos, and social pages and try to understand  what do people really want.

Next is to find out where you can easily find your targeted audience:

Are they easily found on social media platforms, blogs, YouTube or Forums?

This will help you know where you should surely promote your giveaways.

√ Each audience on the internet have ways they need their problem to be solved

Either using physical products, services, software, eBooks, online courses, video etc.

Knowing the best method to solve their intending problems will help you know the right giveaway to offer to your audience which will appeal to them.

Get all tools for starting your giveaway campaign:

The two tools that will help you the most on your giveaway campaign is viral marketing application and an autoresponder.

This two tools can be easily installed if your using a WordPress blog then you can install a free viral  marketing plugin named ‘Viral Sign-Ups’ or  another paid  tool called ‘UpViral’ it can be used without much need for technical knowledge.

Once you have configured one of the above tools you will need to connect them to autoresponder which will help you to store all the signed up emails, for the purpose of email marketing.

Decide your giveaway strategy

Giveaway strategies are of many forms but are all effective.

It's the action you would love your participants to take before they can participate in the your giveaway.

For instance: If you want to grow your blog’s followers you can ask your blog visitors to subscribe to your blog, like your blog’s Facebook page and tag their four friends.

Promote your giveaway:

Once you have done your research, have the right tools for your giveaways  campaign and have planned the right strategy, then is time to promote your giveaways.

For instance: If your research  suggests that Facebook will be the right place to for giveaway promotion  then there are multiple ways you can do it, I am mentioning a few below.

- You can start  Facebook ads and drive  people to your website.

- You can contact  influencers and ask them to  promote your giveaway for a fee.

- You can join niche related  groups and post about your giveaway.

How To Make Money From Giveaways (Monetization)

Once you have undergone those above processes, its right time to monetize your giveaway campaign.

Because as you start to promote your giveaway people will begin to participate and your email list will continue to grow.

Once you have an email list of reasonable size  (250 - 500 subscribers), you can regularly start  promoting relevant affiliate offers and products  to your list via email.

People will buy products and  offers via your affiliate link  thus making you money through affiliate commissions.

Always  remember that in the email marketing business the bigger the size of your targeted email list the bigger your commissions.

Hence  always try to add new  targeted subscribers to your list  by running multiple giveaway campaigns.

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