How To Make Huge Money Online Selling PLR Licensed Products

What is a PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

What's Private Label Rights?

Private Label Right is a License giving to purchaser of a product by the product creator. Instagram money

In Private Label Rights when someone purchases a product the person who created the product gives the buyer all the right to do anything with the product he or she purchased.

When the right of any product is giving to you after buying it you can be able to claim the purchased product as your own, change its graphics, words, putin your name as the product creator, edit it into many segments etc.

This means you are free to do whatever you likes with the product.

The best part of PLR is that some products can be resold at any price you likes, as it provides great return in investment as you only needs to invest once while buying the product and its PLR License.

Then you can sell the product to as many people as possible without sharing the profits you makes from it with the product original creator.

How To Make Huge Money Online Selling PLR Products

Uses of PLR License.

The PLR License can be used on various digital products like ebooks, articles, graphics template, softwares etc.

For instance: let’s say you  invested  $50 for buying  an eBook  and its PLR license.

You sold  200  copies of that  eBook at the price of $70 then your  pure  profit will be $1400  -  $50 = $1350.

So PLR gives you great opportunities to make money quickly without putting in the effort and time required to create a good product from the scratch.

Where you can buy products with PLR license?

There are many online  marketplaces  from where you can get  PLR  products.

Below are the list of few reputed PLR websites:

√√ Theplrstore

√√ Idplr


√√ Plrassassin

How To Make Money On PLR (Monetization) -

√ Offer paid membership courses: you can break your products into different logical parts or segments and load them into  autoresponder.

Offer paid  membership and  charge around  $15 -  $30  per  month.

When someone  joins  your  membership  your autoresponder  will automatically  send them to your  subscribers on a weekly  or  monthly basis.  

√√ Create your own product: you can learn about the product you bought and use it to create your own product you can make huge money selling your own products.

√√√ Build your email list: Offer any PLR report or eBook as a lead magnet to your website visitors in exchange for their email address.

Once you have a reasonable email list you can then promote affiliate offers  to your subscribers and earn  big  affiliate commissions.

√√√√ Create a blog: You can divide  PLR  products into multiple parts and create  articles  from them.

You can  use  these  articles to grow your blog  and earn money from  ads and affiliate  product promotion.

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