How To Make Huge Money Online Buying and Selling Domain Names

Today l want us to look into how to make money online buying and selling domain names.

Its some days now that new post has not been published, its not intentional but l have to source for posts to write on and also make sure this posts are genuine and carries correct vital informations.

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Going back to the topic of today it's not going to be a long post but it carries raw information that can help you make money online.

First whats Domain name?

A Domain name is simply a website address that you inputs into the address bar of a phone or computer browser for instance (,, etc this are all domain names.

You may be wondering how come you can make money online selling this domain names.

This recently happened in Nigeria and is a very good business for the guy that bought the domain name.

How To Make Huge Money Online Buying and Selling Domain Names

The koko on this method of making money online is for you to find and register a domain that has  commercial  value which can possibly grow in demand in near future.

How To Make Huge Money Online Buying and Selling Domain Names

For example,, etc.

When you finds a domain name with commercial value how then can you register them?

The registration of domain names are cheap and simple.

For you to register domain name in web hosting website like it will cost you just $2.

Then after registering it (the domain name) you have to list the domain for sale on domain selliƱg website like sedo with higher offer or price.

Let look a bit little into what means.  

How To Make Huge Money Online Buying and Selling Domain Names is a great marketplace for buying or selling domains online.

Which means on you can sale you already existing domain or you can buy new brand one.

But on my future post we will talk more on how to make money with sedo.

With this simple but effective technique you can  possibly make hundreds of thousands or million dollars by just buying domains and selling it back.

In 2013 a startup  housing company bought “” domain  name from its current owner for  $1  Million.

If they can you too can do better.

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