How to Make $500 to $6000 Online Building ChatBots for industries

ChatBot is a software that can automatically communicate with your leads (website, blog, social media etc visitors) on your behalf but the communication is done in humanly manner.

This will give you great opportunity to engage, develop and qualify real communication with your lead, without you talking to them personally.

How to Make  $500 to $6000 Online Building ChatBots for industries

ChatBot communication can be achieved with the help of some messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, email marketing, they help to deliver messages to your lead through message apps.

The usage of ChatBot as a great medium of marketing has grown and will continue to grow because of it's very high efficiency.

Many businesses who uses messaging app for their business marketing sees over 75% open rates and over 25% link click rates which is basically higher than any other online marketing channel. Make money from Instagram .

Example of Facebook Messenger Subscription form >

1 - How to Make  $500 to $6000 Online Building ChatBots for industries

Advantages of using chatbots and messaging apps for marketing.

√ Nowadays people prefer to communicate with each other via messaging apps more than email as they are more convenient to use.

√ Facebook Messenger solely has 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide.

√ Top 4 messaging apps have more monthly active users than top 4 social networks.

The benefits that early adopters of chatbot gain.

They offer free lead magnet and also asked their visitors to signup to facebook messenger to receive the lead magnet.

The subscription to facebook Messenger is not hard and can be achieved with a single click which don't require your visitors to enter their email address before they register so it reduces friction,  easy, and helps to increase lead generation.

Many businesses, companies uses chatbots for retargeting on Facebook.

For instance when a visitor clicks on messenger ad and tries to leave the ad without buying any product will get a message of  10% discount coupon.

Chat bots are also helping  businesses to nurture their leads through a  communication sequence leading them to purchase  a product.

You can see how chatbots are helping  businesses from increasing lead generation  till closing a sale.

How you can make money doing chatbot business.

Since chatbot helps businesses, companies, industries, organizations etc for easy communication, increasing their leads and purchasing of products this will lead to huge demand for chatbot developers.

So what you should do is to learn how to build chatbots which can be done within an hour without any coding and you will build them for industries for a fee.

You can make huge amount of money building chatbots for industries, companies, businesses etc.

Some chatbot builders earn from $500 to $6000 for building  one chatbot for industries.

And they also charges monthly maintenance fee beside the first installment fee they were paid.

So since this great opportunity is new and has not yet been saturated it will be great to leverage it and make huge money from it as the first starters of the job as the going says first to come drinks the cleanest water.

How to start with chatbot job.

To start doing chatbot business you can visit the following website below


The website above will give you all the necessary informations you'll need to start successful chatbot business.

They will help you to learn everything like how to build bots, how to acquire clients, price strategies etc.

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