How To Earn Money Online Creating and Selling Quote Printables

Let's look at how to earn money online selling Quote Printables.

Quote Printables: can be defined as the quote written on beautifully  designed canvas using creative fonts which can be printed.

Many people buys this quote printables, take their prints, encase the prints in a frame work and display them on the walls in their homes or offices, this made Creatively designed quote printables to be in huge demand this days.

The creative designed quote printables contains many written words like inspirations, wisdom words, advice, biography etc.

Which when placed on a wall in homes, offices, hotels, banks, market shops... helps to encourage and improve the aesthetics of people reading it and also keeps them motivated all day.

So this an opportunity for you and I to earn huge money online as we are constantly looking for genuine ways of earning reliable money online from home.

If it were way back when developers have not developed online tools, softwares, apps etc for designing great and amazing things like the quote printable am writing about today them I wouldn't have bothered to write about it.

But nowadays the designing of creative quote printables is not hard due to the  availability of many free online photo editing tools.

This tools are not hard to use and you don't need to be an expert to use them, all you need is to have little inspiration/creativity and within some minutes you have started designing.

Creative designed Quote Printable is Suitable For -

Creative people and Artistics who likes to envision, conceive and create beautiful designs.

Skills Required for Designing Quote Printable -

1. Being able to creatively imagine, reason, think, design and create quote printables which can be  sold online.

2. Being able to effectively promote your quote printables using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, blogging platforms,  doing guest posting, networking etc.

Time Required  For Designing Quote  Printables -

The designing of Quote Printables are not time consuming but the time it takes to design them depends on your designing ideas and experience.

So if you have some basic experience and idea on how to design  things you can start designing quote printables immediately after reading this post by using free online photo editing tools.

Tips for designing Quote Printables are:

1. Be Inspired: inspiration is very necessary when your about to begin creating quote printables, that's why I said be inspired and let your ideas flow.

This inspirations can best be gotten from visiting  pinterest.

Pinterest has a huge collection  of beautifully designed quote printables. Just visit  Pinterest and search for “ quotes ” or “ quote printables ,” you’ll see a  huge number of printables’ images in front of you.

On Pinterest you have to learn many things like how designs, colour, font, pattern goes.

This way you'll learn how you can be able to get ideas on how to create your own printables.

This are example of quote printables.

Earn money online creating and selling quote printables

You'll notice that the third picture is pinned 3.2k in red border, that shows many people likes and shared it many times so take inspiration and ideas from them.

How To Earn Money Online Creating and Selling Quote Printables

How To Earn Money Online Creating and Selling Quote Printables

How To Earn Money Online Creating and Selling Quote Printables

Note: It's important to look for quote printables which are highly pinned (pinned on pinterest is like the LIKE, SHARE, LOVE buttons on Facebook or Twitter).

From this highly pinned quote printables post, images and designs you can get your own inspirations, for the images and designs to be pinned that much means people loves and shares them because they like it.

Important: Note down the image  and its design, use it  to model your design but  remember, never copy.

For  even more inspirations and ideas visit the following websites below and search for “ quotes ” or “ quote printables ”:

√  Onsuttonplace

2. Decide  which tool  you are going to use beforehand:

After getting the necessary inspiration you need then it's time to decide on the particular tool you'll be using for designing you quote printables beforehand.

This decision is to be made because we have many online free editing photo tools and if you don't decide which one you'll be using beforehand you may easily get confused.

So below are some of the great free online web tools you can use for creating your quote printables below. (has great themes, fonts, and overlays)

If you need  more editing control, use following  software tools:

√ Openoffice Impress ( Free  – Similar to Powerpoint )

√ Microsoft Powerpoint ( 2010 version  or further )

This two softwares will give you more control and flexibility. If you're an expert you have a edge.

3. Collect all the design materials you need:

To be able to create great, high quality quote printables you'll need stuffs that will make it look great and attractive.

Stuffs like: beautiful images, icons, fonts and vectors.

The websites below will help you get all the stuffs you need for free.

For Images:

√ For Fonts:

For Icons:

For Vectors:

4. Get started: at this stage you're ready to go as you must have gained some ideas, inspirations about your design, collected the designing stuffs and decided on the tools you'll be using for creating your excellent quote printables.

How To Earn Money Designing Quote Printables (Monetization) -

After designing your excellent quote printables you can upload them on the following art selling websites for its monetization.

Many people who wants and needs to buy quote printables usually visits the websites mentioned above.

You can set the price of each  printable between $5 to $15.

You’ll  earn money  when anybody likes and buys your quote printables.

The more people who  buys your quote printables the more money you earns.

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