Apply to Ongoing Google Impact Challenge Nigeria to Win up to $250k

There's an ongoing challenge going on which is sponsored by Google the challenge is called Google Impact Challenge.

The Countries eligible for Google Impacts Challenge?

The Google Impact Challenge is designed specifically for Nigerians support nonprofits and social enterprises.

The challenge is for the  purpose of developing ideas to create economic opportunities for Nigerian communities.

The organizations that will apply are expected to apply with their most innovative proposal.

Then the people who reaches the final stage will be given access to google where they will receive funds, resources, mentorship etc.

When will the application close?

The Google Impact Challenge will be closed on 4th july 2018 so all eligible social enterprises and non profits are expected to submit their project proposals before or on the closing date.

Participate on Google Impact Challenged Nigeria to Win up to $250k

Whats is expected from innovators on their applications?

The Google Impact Challenge is coming to Nigeria for the first time every.

So local innovators are asked How They Can Make Their Communities and Beyond a Better Place

How the draws will be done?

After submitting the applications the public and a panel consisting of local Judges will vote for the ideas with the best potentials, and the winners will be paired with and they will be offered strategic supports, Google volunteers and fundings.

How will Google Impact Challenge Finalists be Selected?

Google team and their partners will review the nonprofit and social enterprise project proposals and from out of any number of participants who submitted select 12 finalists.

Public vote period

Out of the 12 finalists selected by Google and their partners the public will be given the opportunity to cast their votes for their favorite and the vote casting period will last for three (3) weeks

Final Event and Winners Announced

After the vote casting period all the 12 finalist will be invited to read and explain their ideas to the Judges at the Google Impact Challenge final event.

Then the Judges will select three best winners from the 12 finalist and also announce the winner of the vote casted by the public that's the people's choice winner.

Support and Training to ne offer by Google:

Each of the four winners of the Google Impact Challenge that's (3 from the Judges and the people's choice winner) will receive  $250,000 grant and free training from Google and the remaining 8 finalist will receive $125,000 grant each.

How to participate to Google Impact Challenge Nigeria

To participate on the on going Google Challenge submit your project proposal on Google Impact Challenge Nigeria
And follow their guide to apply.

Criterias for Google Impact Challenge are:

This are the necessary ingredients you proposed project must cover or have.

1: Does your proposed project create economic opportunities to Nigeria communities?

2: Does your proposer improve the live of the people of the country?

3: Does the project solve the impending or unmet needs?

In Terms of Reach:

1: Does the project have the potential to solve other community problems?

2: Will the project last to solve long time or short time needs?

In terms of Feasibility:

Is the business plan (or project plan) well thought out, and your team well equipped to carry it out or execute on it?

How do you see this Google Impact Challenge I feel is a great and good omen for Nigerians.
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