How To Set Up Gmail Recovery Email Address or Phone Number

Today I want us to look into How To Set Up Gmail Recovery Email Address or Phone Number.

This post title implies that you have already opened up a Gmail account and that you wants to set a recovery email address or phone number.

Which can help you recover it back when you forgets your password or have no more access to it.

How To Set Up Gmail Recovery Email Address or Phone Number

If you don't have a gmail account then you can open one up here.

When you loses access to your gmail account it's frustrating because most of the times we have important documents, informations, photos etc which we will not like to lose.

To make sure you recovers it easily, quick and secure access to your datas in future then you must have to set up recovery email or phone number.

Though it's not a must that you set up gmail or phone number recovery for your gmail account but having one will help you get easy access to your gmail if your locked out or you forgets your password.

You can recovery your gmail account If you lost or forgot your gmail password you can try to recover it.

How to add or Change Gmail recovery Phone number:

√ First sign in to your "Recovery phone" page  in My  Account section.

√ From Recovery Phone page:

You will be able to:

° Add recovery phone number.

° Change your existing recovery phone number.

√ Select edit next to your phone number.

A box will appear then follow the instructions to accomplish your goal.

Note: You must  use a  mobile  phone  with text  messaging  turned on.

Importance of adding recovery phone number to your gmail account.

° It makes it difficult for people to access your gmail account without your permission.

° You can receive verification code direct on your phone when you forgets your password for recovering your gmail account.

° It gives you more option for verifying that you own the account.

° When anybody wants to temper with your gmail account you will receive alert on your phone.

(for instant, when your gmail  password is  changed)

How to Add or change a recovery email address.

√ Sign in to  your " Recovery email " page  in My  Account.

From  here  you can:

° Add a  recovery  email.

° Change your existing recovery email.

√ Next to your  email  address,  select Edit.

√ Enter  your  recovery  email address.

Select Done.
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