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How To Prevent Copying and Pasting of Your Blogger Article Contents

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Do to the effect of copying and pasting of website content without editing or adding own ideas to it around the web.

Many people are looking for ways to stop this kind of act.

On this article, I will give you a script code which you will place on your Blogger HTML source code or Layout and you will be able to disable (Ctrl+A) on your blog, thereby preventing people from copying your blog contents.

The script code that we're going to use to achieve this aim prevents copying of content on almost all the new updated browsers but on some old browsers, it may not work.

But one thing with  Tech is that it's always built for the future, not the past, so with time all the browsers will be updated and you can be able to prevent copying of content on your blog all around.

How To Prevent or Stop Copycats from Copying Your Blogger Contents

Some blogging tools are equipped with the disable copy features on their admin panel areas but on blogger the case is different but below this post, we will find a way to make it work fine and perfectly.

How to disable Copying on Blogger:

To disable copying of your blogger content follows the below steps.

√. Login to go to Dashboard >> Select the blog where you would like to implement the script code.

√. Go to blogger Layout >> Add a Gadget >> Select “ HTML/JavaScript gadget

√. Paste the following below code in the box:

<script src =' demo- to- prevent <script type=' text/javascript if (typeof document. onselect } else { document.onmousedown } </script >

4. Your work is done!!! Check to see how it works.

Note: The above code can also be placed between <head> & </head>  using this great source code editing tools

Final Words:

The above script, when implemented to your blogger blog, will effectively prevent copycats from copying your contents.

So thank for reading also try to leave a feedback through the comment box and also share with your friends on social media networks and other places.

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