How To Make Money Online Being A Travel Writer

Many people loves to travel moving from one town to another, one state to another or from one country to another.

But while doing this travels they just do it for fun without knowing one can make money online while enjoying what he or she loves doing.

While doing your travels you can compile your beautiful travel experiences on a beautifully written articles.

Then you can use this beautiful articles to become a travel writer and make money from it online.

How To Make Money Online Being A Travel Writer

Some travel magazines and websites don't require you to be an active traveller and they also needs frequent fresh articles for their websites or magazine regular updates.

You can use your past travel experience also to write articles and make money from it.

So without much talk let's look at the travel websites we have and most of them will pay you $30 - $50 for each travel article you writes for them.

1. Matador Network:

Is a marketplace which was created 2007, working and collaborating with thousands of filmmakers, photographers, writers etc.

They always need original travel experience and photos.

They also offer other paying job opportunities like projects collaboration, interviews, photo editing etc.

They pay around $40 USD for each travel article you writes for them, when the article is accepted.

You can sign up at Matador Network

2. Travelista Club:

Travelista Club works by employing people around the globe inform of freelancer travel writers.

In Travelista Club you don't need to be travelling always but you can simply start by writing travelling guide about the place you live.

They also offer free professional training courses when you signs up where you will be able to learn all the required skills to be an expert on freelancer writing.

Join Travelista Club and earn $40 USD per 1000 words you submits to them, when the article is accepted.

3. Go World Travel:

Go World Travel accepts articles from both experienced journalists to first-time travel article writers. Make money from Instagram

Go World Travel always requires its writers to always write unique articles, visiting their website will give you guide line on their writing styles and the areas they have covered already.

Their writing requirements are based on some specific topics like how to local customs, how to reach a destination, exciting areas to visit nearby, markets, where to get foods etc.

You can always write your articles using real time photographs to make you articles more eye attracting.

Sign up at Go World Travel They Pays $30 - $40 USD per 1600 words when you article is accepted.

4. The Expeditioner

The Expeditioner has some basic guidelines for submitting articles to them.

√: They loves unique articles with people who have had great travelling experience and would love to share it with the World.

√: They love articles that are inspiring for future travellers, informative, exciting and also love first person narratives.

√: Your article must contain original, relevant photographs, with links linking to this photos stored on Flickr

√: The article should be written in American English with proofreading.

Sign up at The ExpeditionerThey pay $30 USD per article with 1200 words or more than.
When the article is accepted.

5: Wanderful

Wanderful users are mainly women between 25 - 40 years of age, as such they always need articles that are engaging, inspiring, and community oriented and are related to women and travel.

For your articles to be easily accepted on Wanderful make sure they are made up of the following categories like:

√ Global issues related to women

√ Destination and itineraries

√ Travel tips

√ Important women to watch

Sign up at Wanderful

They pays $50 USD per article from 750 - 2500 words when your article is accepted.

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