How to Make Money Online doing Interview Transcribing Job

Today l want to write a post on How to Make Money Online doing Interview Transcribing Job.

But first this new week and l would love to ask you how was your weekend hope it was fabulous? Mine was.

Going into what we have today just like l have been making researches on legit and guinea ways of making money online and been writing them here on this blog for you to be financially buoyant.

I hope you must have being applying one or two or more methods of it and its working for you.

But if you have applied and is not yet worked out just exercise little patience with time everything will work out for good.

Time heals all wounds and solves all problem.

So whats is interview transcribing?

Interview Transcribing means to make or write a copy of something.

The something here could be either audio or video interviews.

So Interview Transcribing is the process of listening to a video or audio interview then convert it to a written copy for readers purpose.

So many people don't like to watch or listen to interviews on audios or videos instead they like to read them as text.

There are many reasons for this which can be either to preserve their airtime data, save time etc.

Like many people make money online doing Podcast business which is an audio recording job and creating videos online on YouTube and other video platforms.

How to Make Money Online doing Interview Transcribing Job
This videos and audios are created by many bloggers, journalists and nonfiction writers but most of then are too busy to transcribe the audios or videos on their own.

Since they are busy to convert this audios and videos to written text on their own to speed up the publishing process they will source and look for interview transcribers.

So when you’re employed as an interview transcriber your work would be to listen to the audios or videos and write them down word by word on a written format.

That's converting the audios and videos into written text forms.

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Interview transcriber job is Suitable For -

1. Is suitable for everyone and mostly suitable for people who have passion for writing.

Skills Required Interview transcriber job -

1. Being able to read, write and fluently speak the language you work on.

2. Being able to listen and understand multiple accents in your language of operation.

3. Being able to type faster is a must.

3 methods of  starting Interview transcribing job -

1. First Method: To get started doing Interview transcriber job you must first of all register yourself on the following transcription services websites and complete the available jobs.

The websites are:



2. Second Method: The second method of making money with Interview Transcribing job  is to contact local newspapers, TV news stations and magazines etc see if they can offer you a transcribing job.

3. Third Method: The third way is to contact bloggers, non-fiction writers and news website owners.

Visit their websites to  
find their email address and inquire if they have a requirement of a transcriber by sending them email message.

Expected Earnings Interview transcribing -

You will make from $5 - $40 per hour for transcribing any interview depending on your Interview transcribing expertise.

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