Top 10 great Business listing websites of United States of America

Today let's look at top Citation sources which mean “a reference to an unpublished or published source” ( but not always refer to the original source).

And the top ten United State of America Business listing sites we have.

Many website owners target America as there site organic traffic source including me.

If you want to target the US as your sites traffic source or is neighbors, you can achieve this with the help of business listing sites and backlinks.

On the top 10 great business listing website l will give you here we have free plans and paid plans for advertising your site.

The Free version will give you the basic, limited services while the paid version will give you fast results and unlimited, premium services.

These great business directories will bring about an increase on your website organic traffic.

Many popular advertising websites and webmasters use these business directories like Yelp, Foursqaure, Local, etc which are marketplaces for online advertisement to run their business and increase drastically their websites organic traffic.

They help you post your website's article instantly and approved easily on their directory for there free services.

Great social media website like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter etc are globally used by website owners for geotargeting customers.

The use of local site listing for service submission and business helps to increase your sites local search engine organic traffic and websites ranking.

Top 10 Business Listing websites are:

1. Google local places

Google is a great search engine website but they are not just great search engine website but also great in other things like business listing services which are called Google local place.

Google local place used by Google for listing local business online and is among the top listing website.

Website owners will list their site on many Google services like Google plus, Google map and Google search and it will also help your website to rank higher if you have a top domain hosting like .com and .org.

On the cause of your business registration on Google Local Places, you’ll be allowed to fill your correct business information for your customer needs.

Which will help you get quality backlink from Google and also help your website to rank higher on google search engine.

2. Yelp

Yelp is another great local business directory listing service website.

They allow website owners to search for wide range list of services from there website database.

They also give website owners opportunities to reply and review their messages.

Yelp helps to increase your direct and target traffic by increasing your sales.

And also gives you access to free and paid advertisement which you can choose from the one you wants.

3. Bing Business portal for local marketers Bing Business Portal is another great online directories for a local business similar to Google business places and also great for local marketers for listing their business online.

All you need to do is to register and create an account on Bing Business portal for local marketers verify and submit your business services on Bing Portal.

This will help you get your targeted traffic and also help you to increase your business sales.

4. Merchant circle

Merchant circle helps to connect business owners with merchants on business like Estate agent or Car Dealer business etc and they give you more than just a simple review.

They are new and likely more popular than the 3 l have mentioned above.

They help you get more visibility, more business, more customers and more profits.

Merchant circle gives you all the assistance you need to connect with customers in your business community looking for business services.

They help you create an online business presence, manage your reputation, launch online ads and help you rank higher on google search engines.

5. is fast, convenient, easy and also partners with Yext to help you claim your business listing on and 40+ other websites. website helps you find out what's happening around in your city.

They give you the ability to rate, review and check your business feedbacks to know how your online business is going and have more than 100,000 listings of local businesses.

6. Expressupdate

All you need to do to feature your business on this great website is to register your online business on Expressupdate.

They will help to make your business a brand online and also helps to make your business customers find you easily online and on both organic and targeted search engines.

Once you submit your business on expressupdate it will be listed on the top search engines, libraries, portals, and website directories for quick updates.

So all you need is to keep your business listing up to date and the rest of the great work will be done automatically by

Top Ten and Top free Local Business listing websites of United States of America ( USA) (top citation sources)

7. Yext and MapQuest

For the fact that is using Yext to claim a business on their website goes to show you how great yext website is.

Then Yext combined with MapQuest which are two different companies working together to help each other compete with the top listing sites.

They help business owners to list their basic pieces of information and business on their services, sites and help build backlinks to their sites.

Yext and MapQuest forms are made up of name, city, address, state, Zipcode, business owner, phone number, location, email, and website.


To claim your business on insiderpages all you need to do is to sign up your business and then search for your business on insiderpages when you see it click Claim Business link for your business listing.

They will direct you to authorize your business before it can be claimed then click submit to claim your online business.

My conclusion is that inside page is a great and a new company that cares for businesses.

They help you get recommendations and reviews from top companies.

The most important aspect is that they offer free business listing services, give them a try and increase your sales and traffic.

9. listing by FourSquare

FourSquare listing services powers and connect more than 50 million users Worldwide and also one of the most trusted listing websites.

Their work is to help connect your customers to your local business online.

10. Yahoo business listing

Yahoo business listing is the last but not the least on my Top 10 listing websites but that doesn't go to show they are not a good and great business listing service providers.

Yahoo business listing covers every area of business and giving high competition to its counterparts which is what every great website does.

Adding your business on Yahoo can help you get more targeted traffic from those who love to use .

They list your business address, contact, URL, payments option and working hours.

They have two plans to offer to their customers for their business listing one is a free plan with some limited privileges and the other is a paid plan.

On Yahoo it's paramount that you keep your business up to date, this will give you better opportunity to rank higher and drive more traffic to your website.

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