How To Make Money Online doing TeeSpring Campaigns

What is TeeSpring?

Teespring is an e-commerce website where you can design and sell custom attires or  apparel or garments or clothing online.

The buyer pays  you for your apparel design and the production is shipped to the buyer.

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Teespring is used by millions of people to turn their ideas into high quality products.
How To Make Money Online by doing TeeSpring Campaigns

All the production seen in Teespring are all custom made with guaranteed quality and satisfaction.

How Teespring works -

1. Creators design & launch products.

How To Make Money Online by doing TeeSpring Campaigns

All you need to do is to create your  design and launch it in Teespring website after signing up.

They have thousands of online stores and millions of custom products launched on Teespring every month.

2. You order something cool.

How To Make Money Online by doing TeeSpring Campaigns

When you see a design you likes then order for it and it will be printed into your apparel and shipped directly to your address.

The profit made by buyers purchase is  sent to the designer or to charity of the design creator choice.

3. They make it and ship it!

How To Make Money Online by doing TeeSpring Campaigns

The design you chose will be made and shipped by the Teespring team based in Kentucky.

Making money from Teespring is Suitable For -

designers, Artists,  painters.

Skills Required -

1. Ability to create unique designs.

2. Being able to use tools like Photoshop to create and convert designs into digital format

3. Being able to promote your designs on social media platforms.

Time Required Starting A TeeSpring Campaign -

If you already have a design made sign up to Teespring website then you can create Teespring campaign within short period of time.

How To Make Money On Teespring Website (Monetization) - 

1. Chose a  Tee shirt size and colour.

Upload the Tee shirt design. 

2. Then promote the tee shirt on social medias, you can do this using ads to promote them.

3. The more Tee shirt people buys the more money you makes from Teespring.

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