How to Make Money Online by Developing Mobile Apps

I will start this article by first explaining what Mobile App means.

Whats Mobile App?

Mobile App is a computer software designed to operate on mobile devices like tablets and phones or watches.

Mobile Apps are developed for the purpose of use on small wireless computers devices like smartphones, tablets or watches instead of use on computers or laptops.

The word “app” represents “software application” i.e its short form.

The mobile app has gain high popularity and in 2010 it was listed as (Word of the Year) by the American Dialect Society.

In 2009 newer smartphones where proposed to be nicknamed “app phones” by technology columnist David Pogue so it can be distinguished from the earlier less sophisticated smartphones.

Perfect way to make Money Online by Developing Mobile Apps

Making Money developing Mobile App is Suitable For -

People who are willing to learn how to develop mobile apps and people who already knows how to develop mobile app. Make money from Instagram

Skills required to develop mobile apps -

We have many online mobile app maker tools available.

This tools allow you to develop your own mobile app even if you don't have any prior knowledge about IOS  or Android programming.

You can find mobile app maker tools from the Google search engines or Google play stores or check this two app maker tools ios app maker or android app maker.

If you have prior knowledge on how to create IOS or Android mobile apps programming yourself it's an added advantage.

Then proceed to know how mobile app market works and best way to promote your apps on them.

Time Required For Creating A Mobile App - 

The time required for creating mobile apps all depends on the expertise of the app maker and the size of the app to be created.

How To Make Money developing Mobile Apps (Monetization) -

1. After creating your mobile app then upload a free app to Apple's App store and Android Play store.

Monetize it with Google Adword, which is a Google mobile advertising network.

2. Upload a paid app and stipulate the particular amount for the app download.

3. The money you makes depends on the amount of people that downloads your app.

Which means the more people that downloads your mobile app the more money you makes.

4. You can also use your mobile app to promote Affiliate programs and make extra commissions from it.

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