How to make your Website Multilingual to help you gain more web visitors from different Countries

Let's look at how you can make you website a multilingual website.

In this post we are going to talk of how to make a multilingual website automatically without having to do it manually yourself.

The ability to make your website multilingual  can be done by embedding Google Translator into your website.

How to make your Website Multilingual to help you gain more web visitors from different Countries

Google Translator allows you to translate your website language to 100+ languages.

Making it possible for your website visitors coming from different countries speaking other languages other than english to visit and read your website content.

You can embed the Google Translator code in your website my following this simple steps below.

1. On your phone browser go to Google Translate Manager.

If your are not signed in into your google account then your will be prompt to do so, then sign in and follow the next step.

2. On the new page that will come up click on  "Add to your website now" at the lower left hand side of the new page.

How to make your Website Multilingual Language to help you gain more web visitors from different Countries

3. On the next page we have three steps which your going to fill.

The first is:

✅ Website Info:

Here you'll have to put in your website url into the box:

          ✅ “Website URL

What is the URL of your website? Put in your website url’ example mine is (

Then select your website default language from:

           ✅ Website language

Here you have to select the default language your website is using.

If is english then proceed by clicking on next as its already in english by default.

Then click on Next Button

4. This the Plugin Setting section.

In this section you'll have to select the option for translating your website language.

You can select 
All language: which will translate your website to all the available languages on Google translator.


Specific language: here you'll be given the option to select the particular languages you wants your website to be translated to.

Then select you 

Display Mode: Inline, Tabbed or automatic.

And select how you wants it to appear on your website like: either vertical, horizontal or Dropdown Only.

Next select the Advanced option:

✅Automatically display translation banner to users speaking languages other than the language of your page.
✅ Your page contains content in multiple languages.
✅ Track translation traffic using Google Analytics.

5. Add Plugin:

Here your Google Translator code will be made available copy it and paste on your website where you wants the Google Translator to appear on your website.

You can put in the Google Translator code on your website from your website Widget or HTML area then you have to backup you template If is through HTML.

If you wants to use the HTML Source then check out this Best five Blogging HTML Source code editor app easy to use for Android.

Incase the Google Language translator did not appear as you need it to on your website then you have to come back to this or if you're still on the Google Translator page then you can click on previous then go back and set things right.

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