How to make money online selling Merchandise (Artworks, Designs, Prints etc) on Zazzle website


Zazzle is an online marketplace based in America that allows  customers and designers to create their own products with independent manufacturers.

The customers or designers are allowed to use images from participating companies on zazzle.

Zazzle has partnered with many established companies or brand like:

Hallmark, Coca-Cola, Harry Potter, Dccomics, Mylttlepony, gettymages,Marvel,Sesame street, Collegiate, Nicklodeon, Disney etc to expose collections of digital images.

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They have about 300 million unique products and millions of made to order customizable products listed on their website.

They allows their users to print photos, designs or drawings etc on items like T - shirt, coffee cups, bags etc.

How to make money online selling (Merchandise) Artworks, Designs, Prints etc on Zazzle website

Zazzle was created and launched by Robert Beaver, Jeffrey Beaver and Bobby Beaver on their garage and leta went live in 2005.

In 2005 Zazzle website received an initial investment of US$16 million in july 2005 from Ram Shriram and John Doerr Google investors And another $US30 million in October 2007.

In 2007 the Zazzle website was recognized by great site TechCrunch as the “Best Business Model” on their first annual TechCrunch’s award.

In 2010 Zazzle was recognized as one of the (Hottest Silicon Valley companies) by Lead411.

And applauded by B. Joseph Pine industry experts for it’s easy to use Technology.

Zazzle company is based in Redwood city California.

Zazzle is available in this countries English, French, Spanish, Dutch Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Korean, German, Canadian French.

How to make money online selling (Merchandise) Artworks, Designs, Prints etc on Zazzle website

When your place your arts, design, prints etc on Zazzle website.

Customers will place order for this designs which they will print on merchandise products.

Making Money on Zazzle is Suitable For - 

painters, Artists, designers.

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Skills Required -

1. Being able to conceive and create designs, art etc.

2. Being able to use tools like Photoshop to convert designs into digital formats.

Watch five simple steps of opening Zazzle shop, enjoy doing what you like and make money below.

How To make money on Zazzle (Monetization) -

1. S
ign - up to Zazzle and create your own shop.

2. Then create and refine your design into digital format.

3. Upload your products (art, designs, prints etc) to your Zazzle shop.

When a customer comes to your Zazzle shop and select designs from your  shop catalogue and select a merchandise item which he or she will inprint your art work on like cards, t - shirt, cups etc.

How to make money online selling (Merchandise) Artworks, Designs, Prints etc on Zazzle website

The above image carries example of artwork printed on the items.

4. Then the customer places order to print your design on the selected merchandise items and ships it to their address.

5. The payment, shipping, printing process is handle by Zazzle and you get paid for your design.

The amount of money you earn is dependent on the more customers order your design the more money you make.

In Zazzle you can use your design to target different age groups to maximize your reach and profits.

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