How To Make Money Online by Starting Your Own Podcast

A podcast which is also known as  netcast contains or consist of series of different events or parts of digital videos or audios which a user can download and listen to.

Some podcast or netcast are made only available to subscribed users.

Which means they are the only one who can download the podcast inform of episode direct to their computer, mobile apps or portable media players.

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Podcast is different from internet radio because podcast are downloadable while internet radios are streamed online.

The name podcast was formally suggested as a portmanteau of "iPod" (a type of media player) by Hammersley.

The podcast comes inform of audio but sometimes comes in different formats like: EPUB or PDF. 

How To Make Money Online by Starting Your Own Podcast

They can also come in video formats which are called vodcast or video podcast. 

The audio, video or other podcast formats on web feed can be downloaded online through the internet using an application called podcaster which can access the web feed, checks the web feed for updates and download any new files in the series on a computer or media player.

The podcast videos or audios can be downloaded automatically.

There are many different mobile applications available for people to use to subscribe and to listen to podcasts.

Podcast gives users the ability to skip around different podcast features, control the playback speed, can stream them on demand instead of downloading them and are also made available offline, which is stored locally on user's device.

Making money through Podcast Suitable For -

People who loves to explain things in detail and likes to talk.

Skills Required for Starting a Podcast -

1. You must have good knowledge on the topic your interested to start your own podcast on.

2. Being able to convince and persuade people with good logical reasoning.

Time Required For Creating A Podcast -

To create a podcast there are three different and important steps you must complete which are:

1. Prepare a script: the script you will prepare is to determine what the content of your podcast will be all about.

This will help you to create important outline to keep track on what your going to promote or discuss.

2. Record audio for your podcast.

3. Upload your recorded podcast on your personal website on iTunes.  

How To Make Money on Podcast (Monetization) -

You can make money from your podcast by allowing companies, brands, organizations to buy ad times.

You can also sell your podcast on website like Patreon, they provides content to podcast listeners for a fee and also provides special extras.

Podcasting is like a horizontal media which goes thus:

producers are called consumers, while consumers can become producers.

And both producers and consumers can engage in conversations with each other.
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