How To Automatically Post Your Blog/Website articles to Facebook Group Pages

Facebook group is a great platform which marketers, blog owner, website owners, freelancers, affiliate marketers etc can use to boost their sales or increase the traffic coming to their blog/website.

Facebook group is great in the sense that you don't need to invite people to like it before they become members like we do on Facebook Pages.

How To Automatically Post Your Blog/Website articles or posts to Facebook Group Page

In Facebook group you just need to create it, add thousands of members and start posting your contents, posts, articles etc on it.

You have created your Facebook Group? but how can you then share blog/website posts to it automatically without having to share it manually one by one.

To auto post to your Facebook Group is possible and can be down with the help of a great auto post tool.

Auto posting to your Facebook group saves you valuable and useful time and help you to concentrate on publishing new articles on your blog/website.

And also helps your Facebook group to be up to date from your site/blog.

If you own a Facebook group page or your an admin on it, you can connect your blog/website and start posting articles automatically on it using this auto post tool called

How To Get Started with >> Sign up on Dlvr and Sign in.

>> On the “Automate” tab, click on “Add New Feed” to add your blog Feed.

>> Enter your Feed URL or blog URL in the box and click “Find Feeds” button.

How To Automatically Post Your Blog/Website articles or posts to Facebook Group Page

>> Once your feed is detected, click on the “+” icon, then click “Continue

>> Next is to add the Social network you want to be posting to Click “Add Social”, select “Facebook

How To Automatically Post Your Blog/Website articles or posts to Facebook Group Page

>> When you select Facebook you will see Facebook, Facebook Page and Facebook group click on Facebook Group to connect it and configure other settings as desired.

That’s it.

On your configuration settings you can chose to repost your old blog/website posts to your Facebook group or Post new once when you publish new posts it will be auto posted on your Facebook group.

To see other Social Networks you can auto post with dlvrit click here

I hope this solves your problem.

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