How to Make Money Online Selling Video Course On Udemy

Today l want to show you another great way of making money online.

l will be on this topic for some weeks to make sure l cover most of the areas one can make money online genuinely.

So today am writing on how to make money on Udemy.

What is

Perfect way to Make Money Online Selling  Video Course On Udemy

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 65000 courses and 15 million students.

You can learn programming, marketing, data science and more… through this great website.

Udemy Is an online learning platform. It is aimed at professional adults.

They uses content from online content creators to sell for profit.

They have larger collection of courses to learn and study right from yoga to programming and to photography etc.

In Udemy you can be able to create courses in different format either in audio, text or video formats, this courses are always made available  do to demand, which helps students or any one who wants to learn to do so at his or her own pace, on any device at their own time and space.

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Some courses picture from Udemy website. 

Make Money Online Selling  Video Course On Udemy

To make money from is Suitable For -

This is suitable for people who loves to teach, solve problems and explain things in detailed way.

Skills Required for making money from udemy are -

1. You must have well and good knowledge of the domain your going into

2.  You have to be able to explain and express your knowledge in a way it will be easily understood and absorbed well by people.

3. You must be able to record and create high quality videos. you can use this app here to do so.

Time Required For Creating A Video Course -

To create Video course depends on the size of the course, module numbers included and the time you need for preparation.

Tips on making money from -

1. Just like l have been saying on my previous posts on how to make money online, l have always emphasis on you picking a topic which you have in depth knowledge on.

2. You have to study the courses that’s similar to your own topic, to see how on demand, interesting it is to people and how many people who has enrolled on it.

This will help you know how many people that are interesting on your topic and are willing to invest on the course.

3. Then make research and study other courses available to find out what you can offer to make your own course stand out and much better from other available courses

4. Identify your users level before going into the creation of the course content.

For e.g.  this is to decide if the courses you will create will be for beginner level users or expert level users.

Then make sure to create course content which is well appealing to your right users.

5. Your course title and description should be optimised to be attractive to your targeted audience.

And always make sure you answer questions asked by your audience on your course description.

6. Try to make available at least about 80% of your course in video format, because this the most engaging way to interact with them.

The video course lesson length should be within 2-10 minutes in length.

7. Build a relationship of mutual trust and respect with your audience, and engage them.

You can do so by always doing quiz up now and then between lectures to make it interactive and absorb the whole attention.

How To Make Money through -

1. Udemy is a great website with big fan base and gets numerous daily visitors, this gives you enough chance, and will make people to notice your course and enroll on it and this way you will start making money.

2. You can promote your course by creating a small blog on the course you have chosen.

3. Finally the more people signs up for your course on the more money you make.

You can join Udemy on Facebook or download their app here.
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