How to Make Money online doing Dropshipping Business

Today l want to write on how to make money online doing Dropshipping Business.

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So what’s Dropshipping let's look at the definition from wikipedia aspect, after that l will explain it the more so it can be easily understood and assimilated.

Dropshipping from wikipedia was defined as:

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock.

But instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.


By own definition:

Dropshipping is a type of business in which the online store don't produce or stock (keep) the goods (products) it sells.

But instead he or she buys the products from a third party wholesaler or manufacturer for a lower price and then this product is shipped to the customer’s address.

As a result, the seller never sees or handles the product.

Dropshipping has a good online business model where you will have to setup  your own store online, then make sales and earn profits.

The difference between Dropshipping and standard retail model is that the merchant don't own stocks, inventory, shipping, packing or handling.

Instead the merchant buys inventory as needed from a third party usually a manufacturer or  wholesaler and  then filful is orders (get the product shipped to the customer’s address).

Is a good business model to anybody who don't have enough money to invest,

because you don't have to buy a product unless you have already made a sale and have been paid by the customer.

For instance: you have opened your online store and added some products on it then you don't have to pay for the products until a customer buys it and pays you.

Then with the money the customer paid you, then use it to purchase the product you have added to your online store and then get it shipped to your customers address.

This way your using your customers money to purchase the product, make your profits without investing your own money.

Perfect way to Make Money online doing Dropshipping Business

Making money on fivrr on Dropshipping is suitable For -

People who loves e - commerce business.

Skills Required for Dropshipping business -

1. Being able to handle your suppliers and clients in a bold way.

And also have the ability to answer their queries, instruct them on what to do correctly and solve their problems.

2. Most be good in writing and also have good verbal communication skills.

3. Having good insight on the happening trends, opportunities and being able to adapt quickly.

4. Have good analytical skills.

5. Try to be up to date on what's happening on the industry.

How To Get Started on Dropshipping business -

The best free and easiest way to start dropshipping business it to signup on Shopify.

What is

Shopify is a complete and the most popular ecommerce solution that gives you the ability to set up an online store to sell your goods.

It allows you to set up and organize your products, gives you domain name, hosting, themes, designs, allows you to customize your front store, accepts credit card payments, track and respond to orders by customers and everything you need to run an online store and all this with just a few clicks.

Shopify is built in such a way that somebody without technical knowledge about creating online stores can run it successfully.

They allows you to focus more on the growth activities of your business online rather than it's technical setup and maintenance.

Tips setting up online store on Shopify  -

1. First step is to decide on what you wants to sell -

It’s good to plan first on what you will be selling on Shopify before you begin the process of selling anything.

You can sell many products on Shopify like T - shirts, Wristwatches, Shoes, Necklaces, Accessories, Phones etc.

So try to choose on this or make a list of products you like and chose from them, this will help you start.

2. Then make some important research -

On this list of items you have chosen to sell and get answers to this questions.

Do this product am planning to sell have market demands?

How much price are buyers willing to pay?

From which demography do people usually buys this product from?

On which social media platforms can you find your best potential customers?

What is the age group of your potential buyers?

What are the products current trends?

The answer to this questions can best be found by visiting the top e-commerce stores like website.

Find the best selling product designs and read customer reviews to know more about customers expectations and need.

You can also visit product forums, popular blogs or join social medias to collect more data about your potential buyers.

The datas you collect will help you select the right products that will attract your targeted audience and help you fetch more sales and profits.

For instance if your plan is to sell jewelries visit and check out the best selling jewelries then observe their designs, their prices range, read customer reviews and note down other important points.

Go to Fashion blog and collect more datas on your potential buyers, go to jewelries forum and other e-commerce websites and repeat the above steps.

3. Then look for suppliers -

This are companies who will supply you the products you will sell on Shopify.

You can go to sites like Alibaba to find suppliers who can provide the products to sell.

Shortlist your suppliers and discuss your marketing plans with them and see if they are good for your business and if they can deliver the goods to your customers within the required time.

4. Set your store on Shopify -  

The fourth step is to setup your online store.

That’s after you have finished the first 3 steps.

To setup your online store go to Shopify then enter your e-mail address, password, your first and last name, verify your email, click register and start your store creation.

On the creation of your online store on Shopify you will need to chose your domain name, product category, theme, and add your products.

Then add your Title, images and description while adding your product you can choose  image and description from your preferred supplier from Alibaba

5. Pricing Plan -

Your product price plan is what will determine how much you makes from your online store.

You can use the datas you collect during your research to decide on your products pricing.

For instance, if you’ve decided to sell necklaces and they cost you $17 per piece on Alibaba, and your research data is suggesting you to sell it for maximum $30, then you can sell it for $27 and make $10 profit on every sale.

6. Promote your product links -

The next best option after you have added your products on Shopify store is to start to promote it anywhere you like.

You can promote it on social medias which is the best place to begin your promotion campaign.

You can also offer discount codes it will help you attract more customers to your store.

7. Finally is order and shipping -
Once a customer places his or her order on any of the products on your online store.

Then use that money to place an order from your suppliers at and provide them your customers shipping address.

Your suppliers will handle the packing and shipping so no need to worry about that.

The more people visits your online store and make purchases the more money you makes.
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