How to Make Money Online by Tweeting Sponsored posts on Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest Social media network with Alexa Global ranking of 12, which goes to show you it’s popularity and fan base on the net.

So if you loves Twitter and have been using it for fun or to get connected to people, brands, organizations, companies etc.

You can also use the platform to make money online. This one of the genuine ways of making money online by tweeting, posting sponsored posts etc for companies or brands and in each tweet you makes you get paid for doing it.

The money you makes from Twitter will not make you millionaire, but it will earn you instant money which when save little by little will solve some problems for you.

Little by little is what fills a basket

Also the money you will make from Twitter depends on the number of Twitter followers you have, if you have big follower base then you will make up to $50 - $100 per tweet and $5 - $20 per tweet for people with small follower base.

And it also depends on the demographics of your Twitter followers and your niche.

For instance:  if your a network marketer on Twitter with thousands of Twitter followers and many of your followers are coming from USA, Canada, UK, Australia then there's enough opportunity that the network marketers will pay you above $50 for each Sponsored post you tweets.

The best part of making money writing poetries on Twitter is that you don't need to invest any money, own a website or apply any technical method.

So if you have a big follower base on Twitter this the time to leverage that to your advantage and make some money through it.

Make Money Online by Tweeting Sponsored posts on Twitter

How to Make Money on Twitter -

All you have to do is to just tweet and earn!

To find websites and sponsors who will pay you for each tweet you make then sign up in the follow sites:

Sponsoredtweets: when you sign up try your best to complete your profile datas because this the best way marketers will use to know more about you, do so by adding your Bio, add your profile picture, then add demographics about yourself and chose Topics you have passion for.

Also add more social accounts because the more social accounts you add the more money you make, then set your target audience for every connection you make.

Paidpertwee: you have to sign up and wait for approval as they have thousands of request willing to join and make money too.

They have two categories in Paidpertweet.

1. Advertisers: This are companies, organizations etc who advertises their brand on Paidpertweet and hires users who they pays to tweet their posts from the Pelaidpertweet platform.

2. Twitter Users: This are the Twitter users who are hired by companies and get paid for each sponsored post they tweet, website links, product promos, press release etc helping the companies to get exposure on the internet.

Twitpub: sign up to Twitpub and get paid for each tweet you make on different groups like Politics, Jokes, Horoscopes, Financial, Events, News, Feng Sui, Stocks etc.

They pay as high as 80% on each tweets you make.

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