How to Make Money Online by Listening and Rating Musics.

This for music lovers who loves to listen to music, but this time you don't just have to listen to music but instead you will be paid for doing so.

All you have to do is listen to music and write reviews about your opinion on the music and in return you earn money doing so.

Some companies advertising agencies and some other individual music makers need people who can listen to their music, write reviews on it based on their own opinion.

Your opinion, reviews you write helps them to know if their music is on track and fit for their project or if it might need some improvement.

Making Money on Listen and Rate Music is Suitable For -

People who loves to listen to music.

Make Money Online Listening and Rating Musics.

Skills Required -

1. Ability to write excellently and also have good communication skills.

2. Being able to clearly write and present your opinion of the music in clear and crystal manner.

How To Get Started -

You have to signup on the following genuine and legitimate sites as music lovers:

1. Slicethepi: in Slicethepie your paid to give your feedback on tracks, clothing and lots more which goes directly to help artists, brands record and labels make decisions.

They have about


2. Musicxray: Musicxray has three categories to select from when you wants to signup which are:

1. Am a Music Artist

2. I am a
Music Fan

3. I am a Music
Industry Professional

What they do for the three categories are:

They help musicians do three things.

  • Get deals.
  • Get fans.
  • Get better.

They help industry professionals do two things.

  • Find high potential music & talent.
  • Find opportunity-appropriate music & talent.

They help music fans do one thing.

  • Discover new music and talent targeted to their taste.

They do that by alerting the fans whenever they have new music the fans might like and the person gets compensated for their time and attention.

3. Musicresearch: was founded in the year 1974 by Larry Heller for over 3 decades now and have been on track since then, they pay you for listening, rating, reviewing music.

Expected Earnings -

Most of the Music research companies are based in U.S, their aims is to study everything about Artists and popular music news.

The U.S based members are eligible to win monthly prizes which includes: DVDs, CDs, & MP3 players for rating of new musics.

Members can also win prizes by participating in special surveys, events and contests. The prizes are shipped to your P.O Box monthly.

Apart from the monthly prizes won the payments one gets from rating and reviewing musics are not the much.

But with it you can earn few dollars now and then but you can make a living out of it.

But is a good way of earning extra bucks and use it to supplement your free times.

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