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How to Make Money Online by doing Social Media Moderation

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I want to talk on how to make money online doing Social Media Moderation for companies and brands.

Many big brands and companies runs multiple social media accounts.

This accounts helps them to stay connected to their customers, helps them to receive feedback from their customers or to resolve their problems.

But when the change of growth comes in this social accounts it becomes cumbersome for this companies to handle and manage effectively this social media customer accounts, customers generated contents like comments, feedbacks, questions etc.

This is where this adage comes in necessity is the Mother of invention.

Because this many accounts can’t be managed effectively again they invented Social Media Moderation.

What’s Social Media Moderation?

Social Media Moderation is a process by which companies or brands who runs multiple social media channels pays people (employees) to monitor and manage the multiple social accounts for their customers to make sure their customers generated content are in order and appropriate.

Making Money with Social Media Moderation is Suitable For -

To make money with social media moderation is suitable for people who loves and runs social media platforms daily.

This will help you to know a lot on how the different social media platforms we have operates and help you to carry out your work effectively.

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Make Money Online by doing Social Media Moderation

Skills Required for Making Money on Social Media Moderation -

1. You have to be able to review, follow instructions and effectively classify the nature of user generated content.

2. Ability to provide in depth insight and review moderated social contents.

3. Have working space and being independent and able to execute the projects before the time given runs out.

How To Get Started -

We have many genuine Social Media Moderation companies we can work for from home, but let's look at the most genuine ones, let’s start with. to join this social media moderation company you have to submit your crisp thinking application here.

Crispthinking gives you the ability to work from home 24/7 with no specified time but you have to work at least 15 hours per week.

They pays $10 - $15 per hour depending on the effectiveness of your work and expertise.

99 Dollar Social: 99 Dollar Social offers frequent job opening for content specialist and as of now am writing this post they have job opening so you can apply. : They have regular job opening  but you have to have much experience about social media platforms. at ModSquad you have the freedom to work from home or any location you wants and make money in return.

You have the control of your work at ModSquad and can be working there and be doing any other job you have at hand.

They provides digital services to top brands in media and organizations and technology of every type, from agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

Yelp: Yelp hire social media managers regularly but they hire people from specific areas which you can find on their Job listing under Community when you login to their website. frequently hires people for social moderation based on contract.

Alchemic Dream: They often hire work at home managers (WorldWide) this is to help moderate social medias and  forums account in gaming industries. Knowing two or more languages is an added advantage.

BabyCenter : they offer full time contract jobs and it's also a work at home moderation company.

BazaarVoice : BazaarVoice occasionally hire “content analysts” within  US to work remotely.

The work of the content analysts is to moderate user generated content across BazaarVoice's client websites.

eModeration : they usually likes to hear from their moderators and you can apply through e mail.

Ignite Social Media : they offer work from home community managers for clients within US.

Lithium : this moderation company requires you to have past experience on social media platforms.

And hire moderators to work for enterprise companies.

Zynga : is an online game company, they hire moderators to moderate forums for their vast online games companies they manage.

ICUC: They provide job training and as such you don't need to be prior experience before you apply for job at ICUC.

And they hire people from America (US) and Canada.

But not always hiring.

Social Media Manager School : if you wants to go into business yourself then you can join Social Manager School where you learn all about Social Media Moderation and starts yours eventually.