How to make money online starting up a Niche Website

Today l want to write a post on how to Make Money Online running a Niche Website, but before l start let's look at what Niche Website means.

So What's Niche Website?

Niche Website is a small or narrow website that focuses or covers a particular topic narrowed on a small group of people in a larger market with common interest.
It shares all the datas and information relevant to the topic that is interesting and useful for the targeted audience.

Niche Website are made up of few pages or can even be of hundreds of many pages depending on the size of the website.

Niche Website is Suitable For -

1. The Niche Website is suitable for people who have interest in a particular topic on a large domain.

What l mean here is assuming one has interest on Tech Niche Site, but you know in Tech websites we have very big large domain and the person decides to create a website within a sub domain like,

Running a Niche website on Phone Accessories where you write and focuses your posts within this sub domain (Phone Accessories).

2. Another group of people who can run a Niche Website are people who can write effectively, loves to talk, explain things and data in a plain and understandable way and also likes to persuade people to agree or concur to something.

How to make money online starting Niche Website

Skills Required to run a Niche Website-

1. Being able to create your Niche Website within a specific sub domain using any of this platforms like, , or other great platforms which can serve the same purpose.

2. The ability to promote your Niche Websites effectively on Social Medias, using ADs, SEO etc.

How long it will take to create a Niche Website?

The time required to create a Niche Website is within a day, but to create a good contents for the website that will make it blossom might take some time.

Tips to follow when creating a Niche Website -

1. You have to write out as many niche website ideas you know and can find on net can help you alot, write the ideas using the sub domain that your interested on the most.

2. Then after effective finding on your particular niche narrow the ideas down based on your finding, then find answers to the following questions that will help you out.

This questions are relevant and very important when starting a niche website they are.

Whats the audience size of the niche your planning to start?

Is the audience on the niche known for spending money purchasing related products and services found on the niche?

Can you find and see multiple products within the niche which you can review on your site?

Are there Affiliate Programs within the niche who can offer 50% commision for the sales you make?

What the size of your investment budget?.

3. You have to create articles of great and unique contents which will contain 1000 words plus, this 1000 words article will provide great value and prestige to your niche targeted audience.

4. Then sign up to at least two Affiliate program which offers more than 50% commission to the products and services related to your niche.

5. Do research on keywords that's relevant to your niche and find at least 15 to 20 relevant search terms and try to build and rank your site within this relevant keywords.

6. Make contacts to owners of the authority blogs within your niche, find and request for guest posting opportunity.

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How to Monetize your Niche website.

Go into Affiliate Marketing, promoting products and services relevant to the topic of your niche website by placing affiliate links in sidebars and contents on your site.

Optimize your site for SEO, join forums marketing, use paid ads and join social medias platforms and link your niche site this will help to drive more visitors and traffic to your site.

The more people visit your niche site and buy products and services through your affiliate links the more money you make.

You can create about 10 niche website, which will all be generating tons of money for you every month this way you will be making huge money online.

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