How to make money online blogging

Blogging is fun, educative, lucrative etc to be a Blogger and one of the easiest, tested and guaranteed working way to make money online from the comfort of your home.

Bloggers don't work like any other workers who works 9-4 hours to meet the Employers goal.

No blogger work life is not linear or based on routine he or she can work at any point in time and day when he gets his ready to make research and put wonderful articles down.

But in blogging you don't just start and begin to make tons of money no it don’t work that way you have to set some things in place like knowing How to choose best Niche for your blog, Optimizing your blog for SEO, on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

But if is about the money to come it will all you need is dedication, hard work, patience, Prayer, posting of unique articles and been loyal which will help you to get loyal readers to your blog.

How to make money online starting up a blog

So is advisable if you have something doing before going into blogging life like (working) then you have to combine the both and take up blogging as a part time job,

until the money you earns through blogging surpases the earning limit from your day job then you can enter into blogging full-time mode.

People who can blog.

Blogging is suitable for people who loves to write and would love to share their expertise and knowledge to the World.

So if you can write, not really being an expert no, if you have the basic skills for writing and you love doing it without been forced, then l suggest you give it a try ( there's no harm in trying) and start to earn money through it.

Skills required?

Been able to express yourself and your knowledge in writings in a simple and effective way.

You don't need to blow big grammars no, if you know how to write what people can read and understand, then your good to go.

How long it takes to start a blog.

Starting a new blog is not hard depending on the level of your expertise if your Pro in blogging then within some minutes your blog is up and running.

But for complete beginners it will take up to 2 or 3 days to set up the basic steps.

( it's better and advisable to have a mentor in blogging World who will help to put you through and encourage you when the going gets tough but like an adage will always says

( when the going gets tough the tough gets going) this the kind of spirit you should have when starting a new blog ).

Tips for being a better blogger.

1. Is better you start blogging about something that you have knowledge about and loves it, it's called Niche in blogging World read on How to choose best Niche for your blog.

For eg. If you loves Technology and your really into it then you can start a Tech Blog,

If you love travelling and you have travelled a lot then you can start a Travel blog etc.

2. Always try to focus your blog on a particular domain.

Don't put content from multiple domain into your blog.

For example if you are blogging or writing about How to Make Money on Make Money Online blog then keep it specific on that domain.

3. Blogging is all about being unique then using your uniqueness and expertise try to create contents or articles that are phenomenal and unique.

4. Blogging is all about your readers they are the people you are writing this articles for so always have them in mind when compiling any post and try to give them what will make a difference in their life.

5. Look into your blog readers heart through their comments, try to solve their problems and always reply their comments and make them feel happy.

6. Be committed to your blog, it's your shop and  it need attention and care to flourish when you gives it time it will blossom but when it lacks the care it needs it will die.

So go into blogging with your full heart, with passion, hard work, dedication, because if it lacks this ingredients why do you start it at first place?

And if you don't care about your blog why would anybody care?.

7. Think deeply about style, content, audience, tone of voice.

They are people who are in your niche who are covering the same or similar topics to yours then ask yourself this questions.

  • What makes me unique (my unique selling point)?
  • What can l do to stand out from the crowd?
  • What can l write or say that has not been said?
  • Why am l into blogging?

8. Professionalism is very good in all works of life so be professional in handling and the way you grow your blog.

(Don't throw stones in the marketplace because it may hit one of your own and directly it has affected you).

What am trying to say don't criticize other bloggers, people or brands, remember the law of Karma what you said bad about others may come back to hunt you.

9. Be open to others, always be ready to collabor with other creatives. Blogging helps you to meet many awe inspiring and fantastic people.

Some sites where you can start a blog on l will give out some

1. Website (BlogSpot) this the best for newbies.
5. Blogger

7. Penzu
8. Squarespace
9. Svbtle
11. Wix
12. Medium

How To Monetize your blog?

You can monetize your blog through many ways like going into Affiliate Marketing

i.e selling and recommending products and services related to your niche on your blog relevant pages by either writing articles about them or placing of ad banners on.

This way you will be getting handsome commissions when somebody buys any of the products and services through your affiliate links.

Read: Make money online/blogging using Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Another great way to make money blogging is to place Google Adsense ads on your blog.

The more your blog visitors click on your ads the more money you make.

Am going to compile Advanced Way to Make Money Blogging in by future post.

If you wants to start blogging l can put you through it will be my honour to do that.

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Thanks Mega Empire.

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