How to make money online by joining Leapforce

Let's look at another great way of making money online, which is to make money online by joining Leapforce.

How to make money online by joining Leapforce
What is Leapforce?

Leapforce a company which provides work at home opportunities across the world, the company is based in U.S.

They usually offer online job opportunities for “Personalized Search Engine Evaluators”.

Leapforce is one of the most liget ways to make money online from home, so it will be great if you try to join them and earn some real cash.

In Leapforce one don't have to invest any dime or have your own business or online store and still you makes money through it.

This makes it one of  the best ways of making money online for somebody who don’t have money to start a business.

Leapforce helps great Search engine websites like Google, Bing and Yahoo to evaluate and assess their algorithms using their battled tested quality controlled system.

They also helps to analyse ads by improving the relevancy of ad inventories and drive customer engagements with best targeted meanful ad placements and other useful works.

They have about 10,000 data analysts in 35 Countries and covering 28 different languages.

From countries like:

South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

This kind of companies frequently hires real people to help them in the process.

The work of Search Engine Evaluator is to follow instructions given to you in your assignments, make research on it and analyze the search engine results.

After the research and analyzing of your assignment.

Then you have to give feedback on your search engine report by calculating the usefulness and relevance of the web pages to other related articles queries.

Making money from Leapforce is Suitable For -

For people who has computer/laptop and have average internet connection speed.

The Laptop or Computer is for making researches on your assignments and providing relevant answers to them,

While the internet speed helps you to carry out your assignments on time within a short period of time, Make money on Fivrr.

Skills Required for working on Leapforce -

1. Working on Leapforce is suitable for people who have good analytical skills and good research ability.

2. People who are good in writing and also has good verbal skills.

Time Required For Becoming A Leapforce Agent -

In other to be hired and work at Leapforce you need to fill out your application and submit your resume leap force at home.

They are 3 part qualification exams you needs to take if your shortlisted.

The exams is to test your practical knowledge and theoretical about search engine evaluations and web research.

The qualification exam can be retaken once if you failed the first one, but this exam should be taken seriously as its challenging in nature.

The process of registering on Leapforce and finalizing your exams takes about 2 weeks to be completed.

Best Tips for getting hired on Leapforce -

1. Position yourself as an ideal candidate -  you must be an active user of search engine websites like Google search engine, Bing, Yahoo etc.

And also searches other popular websites like Gmail, Google Play, Youtube, and Google+.

2. Fulfil other important job requirements - To be hired on Leapforce you must be using Google play at least once per week prior to the exam.

And be active on Google plus using it at least once per month and have more than 10 followers on your Google plus per cycle.

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And also have a Gmail account with your Gmail history turned ON.

3. Study well - Leapforce helps you to achieve this by providing for you all the required materials with which you will study with, preparing you for the qualification exams.

Then it becomes paramount you studies them very well before you makes attempt on the exams.

The qualification exams is accepted for only two attempts which means if you fails the first exam there's still slot for you to retry again.

But if you fail again making it twice then you will never be given opportunity to apply on Leapforce again.

How to make money on Leapforce (Monetize) -

If your hired on Leapforce you’ll be paid $13 per hour if your a U.S citizen and $7 per hour if your from Africa or Asia.

The method of payment is by check which is paid at the end of every month.

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