How to Make Money Online by Doing CPA Marketing

(CPA) stands for Cost Per Action, also called Cost Per Acquisition or Pay Per Acquisition (PPA) or Cost Per Conversion (CPC).

CPA Is an online marketing model where advertisers pays you when somebody clicks on your affiliate link and completes an action.

The action could be -

Signing up for a free trial of a product

Providing an email address

Downloads an mobile app
Requesting a quote

  • Or

You makes a sale through your affiliate links, anybody submits a form, or click your affiliate link (e.g., contact request, registration, newsletter sign up, etc.).

CPA is one of the best and most popular form of affiliate Marketing because you get paid even if the visitor did not buy any product but completed any of the actions l mentioned above.

CPA marketing is better than Affiliate marketing because in affiliate marketing it's a must that your site visitor clicks your affiliate link and buys a product before you can get commission.

But in CPA is not like that you can be paid for click on your affiliate links, purchase, request etc.

The method on which CPA works is on lead generation.

How to Make Money Online by Doing CPA Marketing

Whats Lead generation?

Lead generation is a process of  attracting and converting a prospects, strangers, consumers, user etc into somebody who indicates interest on a companies product and services.

Example of lead generation are:
Online content lead generation, coupon, job applications etc.

Many big brands and companies are willing to pay you some commissions for generating leads to their products and services.

Your work is just to bring them leads and they will handle the rest of the job by generating products sales from those leads.

Making Money through CPA marketing is Suitable For -

1. If you already owns a blog or a website you have added advantage with some daily traffic.

2. People who can write effectively, talk, explain things in detail and can persuade people to concur with their ideas.

Skills Required for CPA Marketing -

1. Being able to promote effectively your CPA affiliate links using videos, social medias, paid ads, forum marketing, your blog or website etc.

2. Being able to persuade people to agree with your view and ideas through right explanation and argument.

Time Required For Starting CPA Marketing -

Before you can start a CPA marketing program and earn money through the commission's you make from generating leads.

You must first of all register for CPA programs on companies that offer this type of affiliate marketing.

Once you register wait for approval, when your approved you can start promoting products and services you like and begin to make money.

The process last for like a week to be completed.

Tips for successful CPA marketing -

1. Find different offers - to make it on CPA affiliate marketing then after approval, find different CPA offers available on the market.

You can find available CPA offers through this websites oDigger and OfferVault.

The two website works as search engine for finding available CPA offers from reputable CPA networks Globally.

2. Select your perfect offer - if you have a website or a blog then select offers related to your blog niche and ensure they are relevant to your blog and audience.

For instance if your blog is on anti virus then you should look for CPA offers that will pay you when somebody installs an antivirus on his or her gadgets.

3. Getting accepted - getting accepted into CPA marketing program nowadays is somehow hard as they have implemented tough ways to ensure that only liget and high quality marketers get access into their programs.

This is to prevent fraud and illegal activities.

To be accepted into any CPA affiliate program you wants to apply for,

You need to be honest by providing real and liget informations and not trying to trick them.

Then know the offers you wants to promote on the CPA program as you will be asked of the offers you want to promote, knowing them before hand is an added advantage and shows you know what you want.

You should also know where you web traffic is coming from as you will also be asked of that.

eg. you web traffic can be coming from mobile ads, email marketing, social medias, writing an article on blog etc your traffic source is also the source with which you will promote your CPA program.

4.  Optimize your blog - optimizing your blog once your accepted into any CPA program is necessary.

The best way to do this is to include your CPA affiliate link into you blog posts or articles.

This way you will be getting high click through rate.

Also the placement of banners either on the header or sidebars of your blog is cool.

Try to experiment the placement of the affiliate links for optimer gain.

Also ensure that the links are not damaging your blog user’s experience.

Some of the Best CPA programs are:

11. admitad
13. Matomy
14. MundoMedia closed 
15. W4
18. Adknowledge closed
19. Adperio


How To Make Money through CPA Marketing (Monetization) -

One can make commission of  $0.10 to $10 per click or per action on CPA offers.

While some niches pers higher than others like in Attorney, Insurance, Anti virus Softwares one can be paid as high as $50  per action.

For instance if 10 people can download trial version of antivirus software through your CPA affiliate links.

Which pays $50 per installation, then you will earn $500 without selling any products or services.

The commissions you makes from CPA offers is also determined by some factors like your back end product cost, niche, targeted country, product demand and supply etc.

So to earn well on CPA offers it’s paramount you accept offers which are relevant to your niche and site audience and also pays higher commissions.

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