How to Make Money Online by creating a Membership Site

Am back again today for the continuation of this part we have been following recently,

l have been making researches to be sure of what am putting down here to ascertain its genuine and carries pure undiluted, useful and valuable informations that l wants to share.

So what are am writing on today, l want to show you how to Make Money Online by Creating Membership Site.

In this article l will give you a link to a well written and understandable way of creating a Membership site using Wordpress.

So lets move into Membership site in details.

Membership site is another great and unique way of making money online which is what l will write about today.
Lets look at what Membership Site means.

Whats Membership Site?

Membership Site as the name implies means a gate part way or a private website, with exclusive or restricted online content made  available only to the signed up members.

This means only the signed up members of the website can login, access and see whats is offered within the website.  

Membership sites provides its users the ability to interact with each other, and at the end of the month the users pays monthly fees for being members.

Membership sites are suitable for -
People who likes to guide, interact with and lead a community.

If you can guide people on what to do to achieve their aim, how to go about it to make sure the person your guiding achieves the aim, interact with people in a way that they will crystally understand and assimilate what information or data your passing through to them and can lead a community effectively,

then you have to consider creating a Membership site and begin to make money through it,

but ( you don't have to be an expert on all this l have said above,

one of the secret of being an expert on what your doing is to start as a newbie then persist and continue to learn with days or months past you will learn what will sustain you all through and make you an expert).

Besides learning is a continuous process.

( we don't know how strong we are or our brains are until being strong is the only option we have)

Skills required for running a Membership site -

1. Been able to have a well knowledged insight about any particular domain

2. Being able to make researches on search engines to find and discover new things and consistently generate new, useful, helpful and valuable content.

Time Required For Creating A Membership Site -
Make Money Online by creating a Membership Site

The time it takes to open a Membership site depends on the particular domain and the expertise of the domain creator.

Examples of great Membership sites are:

This are some of the great Membership sites we have you can login to see what they look like but l don't want to go into details about them.

(l mean the Membership sites l gave above) as this we take us to another direction far from what we are discussing about on this article.

Tips for creating a Membership site -

1. The beginning of something is not as when the thing is already established, so in the beginning try as much as possible to keep the joining fee for the Membership site as low as possible so people can easy join it. ( don't despise your little beginning).

Aim to create a minimum useful product instead of creating a impeccable product.
There's always room to improve your site later run ( later stage).

2. It's advisable to join a membership site related to your domain if you have not joined, you can choose from the membership sites l listed above or look for once related to your domain and study the sites.

3. Then look for what works well for you and other members of the site, how you can replicate the same and what makes the site worth its monthly fees.

4. Engage and interact with members, this means you have to make sure you always gives room for your members to air their views and thoughts.

You can achieve this through their comments from the comment box of you site, by answering their questions and also you can lead an interaction section within your forum.

This should and must be done no matter how busy you are, you have to create at least one hour each day to attend to your members questions, and reviews, dont just keep posting great contents for them, but always engage them in all you do to carry them along.

Because without them you don't really need to run that Membership site ( a tree cannot make a forest you know).

5. You can run challenges and group events to increase your sites members engagements.

By organizing frequent challenges, events or any similar occasion.

Make it easy for members of your site to participate. Offer prizes, display leaderboards or it’s similars,

such things creates a great incentive for members to participate and get involved.

6. Occasionally make reviews on what's working and what isn't working, this way you will try to adapt the site to your members needs.

Like eg. If your site content is offered to your members on text format but your members are more engaged on video contents then you have to shift from text based to video based contents making sure you satisfies all their needs.

7. Try to introduce new plans or process or initiative and see how it works with your audience and how they responds to it. Eg. Using live Q&A calls or other similar goals,

But in doing this don't move too fast by compiling and overwhelming your members with many different initiatives at a time. You can take it one at a time.

How To Monetize Membership site -

Monetization is very straight and  simple. The more members that sign up to your website the more income you generate from the monthly fees that members pay.

How to create a Membership site?

You can read this wonderful article How To Create A 6 Figure Membership Site Step By Step - written by Matthew Woodward.

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